Morgan Welcomes New Athletic Director

Mrs. Sears Comes Back Home to the Shoreline


Marin Stopkoski and Katie Martin

With Morgan sports currently underway, new athletic director Meagan Sears has become a friendly face inside and outside the building. After Morgan’s old athletic director Lewis Pappariella left for another shoreline school, Meagan Sears has “come home.” 

Growing up in western Massachusetts, Meagan Sears always had a love and passion for sports. She played three sports in high school and continued lacrosse and field hockey at the collegiate level. She attended nearby Springfield College and studied exercise science and health. Right after college, she was a health and physical education teacher and lacrosse coach for ten years at Haddam-Killingworth High School. While she loved her position there, she realized she had other aspirations to work at a higher administrative-type position. After HK, she left for Montville to be an athletic director for a year before coming to Morgan. 

Morgan was an easy choice for Mrs. Sears for many reasons. Location wise, Clinton was an easier commute than Montville, especially as a mother of two young daughters. Also, she was previously in the Shoreline Conference, being at HK for a majority of her career, so coming back was a familiar feeling and experience. But she knew Morgan was the one because “Clinton has a really strong community and family feel.”

An athletic director experiences the best of both worlds in athletics. ADs work with adults and student athletes, help coaches, and deal with scheduling. Practices, games, facilities, referees, getting people to work events, busing, and registration are some responsibilities of an athletic director. Mrs. Sears also handles the athletics over a

Morgan JV Football in action (Veronica Aleman)

t Eliot and has a few goals for the middle school. It can be a challenge to manage going to every game, both at Eliot and Morgan. Mrs. Sears has site directors to help watch over the athletic events so that she can oversee and bounce around games. 

Though she is still new, her goals are present. She looks forward to building relationships with coaches, athletes, and students. She knows it is not about winning, but learning and growing through a positive experience for the student athletes at Morgan. Mrs. Sears intends to bring back Eliot Cheerleading, to attend many more games, and even lead small lectures on growth and development for student athlete leaders. She has taken on the reinvention of the Captains Council, helping develop leaders on and off the field and helping them to grow as teammates. 

Morgan welcomes Mrs. Sears “back home” and we look forward to watching her continue athletic successes here at Morgan for victory on and off the field.