What is The Morgan PawPrint?

2012 Morgan PawPrint Staff

2012 Morgan PawPrint Staff

The Morgan PawPrint Staff
2012 Staff of the Morgan PawPrint

Written by Maria Putnam |

This year The Morgan School is introducing a new school newspaper and online blog, The Morgan Paw Print. The Morgan Paw Print was created by a journalism class, which is an elective with Mrs. Chausse. Earlier in the year, when the blog first came out, there was some conflict with the original school newspaper, The Husky Herald. Staff members of the newspaper did not realize that The Morgan Paw Print was an actual class and mistook it for a new and competing newspaper.  This is far from the truth. And I am here to erase any rumors that are going around as such. The Husky Herald is greatly appreciated throughout the school, and we are not trying to take their place.  The Morgan Paw Print is just a new, online blog that keeps students, teachers, parents, and any other visitors updated on academics, athletics, and student life. Let me fill you in on our objectives and purpose as the new online blog at Morgan.

Mrs. Chausse, an English teacher, is the one who started this blog, stemming from her journalism elective that is new as of this year. “The Journalism students enthusiastically designed The PawPrint. They reviewed many online high school newspapers from all over the country as well as national and local news sources before creating this new site. I am fortunate to have some tech savvy students in the class as well as some students who are interested in pursuing careers in journalism. Students choose what they want to work on for The PawPrint. I am proud of what the students have posted.
This year juniors and seniors are enrolled in Journalism. In the future, I would like to see underclassmen enrolled as well. I would love to have a class of students posting to The PawPrint all year long. I hope that when students read The PawPrint, they want to contribute to the site. We hope that enough students will sign up for Journalism to allow The PawPrint to continue next year.” As you can see, Mrs. Chausse speaks very highly of her students who are involved in The PawPrint and has high hopes for this new blog to carry on; maybe even become a bigger hit over the years with more than just the students that are in the journalism class becoming a part of it.

Emily Card, a writer for The PawPrint and a senior here at Morgan says, “The Morgan PawPrint is a cool new way to read our school news paper – right on my computer. I can even get articles right to my phone which is a cool feature!”   Responsible for the dynamic look of The PawPrint, Evan Doolittle, a tech expert, continues to perfect the design and features of the blog.

I also asked a few other students that signed up for the elective and are currently active in this new blog, their thoughts and opinions on the blog and what it is exactly they contribute to The PawPrint.  Tyler Ayotte, a junior, manages images for the blog.  I asked him how he felt about the blog, and he too has a positive outlook. “It’s working pretty well. We have up-to-date articles, and we are not afraid to publish controversial issues.” Tyler also edits videos that two other peers, Alex Robertson and Rob Gabucci, make for the blog. Rob filled me in on exactly what he and Alex do when they make their video clips. “I make videos that show what life is like at The Morgan School.”  Both Alex and Rob interview different teachers and people involved in the school, keeping the school posted. They recently interviewed another member of The PawPrint, Serafina, about her thoughts on the new blog, which you can watch above.

The PawPrint is something that everybody at Morgan can be a part of. Not only can students of journalism submit articles, but so can everybody! Simply just email your article to The PawPrint.The PawPrint is a great new opportunity to spread news around Morgan and the Morgan Community, including parents and teachers! Check out our new blog and feel free to comment, like, and add to it : The Morgan PawPrint.