Final Chapters of the Old Morgan


Written by Bella Mongillo|

It has been three years since we made the transition from the raggedy old Morgan to the new building. The current seniors are the last class to have attended the old Morgan. They personally witnessed all of the issues that came with it, like the leaky ceilings and multiple broken doors.

Old Morgan Entrance

Even though it has been a long time since we have been in the old building, both students and faculty can’t help but still reminisce and wonder what our school and classes would be like now if we were still at the old school. “Every time I pass by it when I drive, I get a little nostalgic,” Senior Mike Menacho states, “I wish I could transport my senior self into the old school”.

One of the most commonly talked about changes is the stricter rules that have been enforced, such as no eating in classrooms and not being able to decorate the outsides of lockers for birthdays or senior nights. Senior Noah Scarpace claims, “The new Morgan is kinda comparable to a prison.”

New Morgan Entrance

Another change that has been very noticeable to the current seniors is the lack of school spirit by upperclassmen compared to when they were freshmen. Senior Caitlin Turner thinks back and wishes it was still the same, stating, “I feel like they really embodied what it meant to be a Morgan Husky.” The class of 2016 was full of students who would attend every school game, causing every event to be loud and almost welcoming to every student.

Since moving into the new school, a lot of traditions have sadly died out due to lack of space or time. “I miss the float building”, Morgan alumni and business teacher Ryan Richetelli said. Float building was a tradition that had stopped before the current seniors started to attend Morgan, but it is still dearly missed by everyone who had the opportunity to enjoy them.

While there has been a lot of criticism on the new building, it has also been stated by many students and faculty that it was for the best to create a newer and safer environment for the students to learn in. Even though there are still many teachers who worked or attended the old Morgan, it will soon be time to close the chapter on students with old Morgan memories.