Meridith Hile Puzzle Champ


By: Spencer Gilbert and Tyler Ayotte


Meredith Hile is a senior in the Life Skills program at Morgan. In her free time, Meredith likes to assemble complicated puzzles. All of her puzzles are glued to a cardboard backing and hung on the wall in Room 8. Currently, she is working on her last puzzle, “The House of Seven Gables,” for Morgan. We checked in with Ms. Hile to get the inside scoop.

[wpvideo 7Oq2FbAS]

What made you interested in puzzles?     I like them.

When did you start putting puzzles together?     2007.

And how many puzzles have you made?          12.

And how long does it take for you to put puzzles together?      How long? 3-4 days.

Which one took the longest to make?       The tree puzzle took the longest.

What was the hardest one for you to make?       That one was so hard to make because of all the fruits and stuff.

What was your favorite puzzle to make?         The one with the house and the lighthouse.

Lastly, how do you feel about making your last puzzle for Morgan?     Making the House of Seven Gables is making me sad.

Stop by Room 8 some time to check out all of Meredith’s puzzles!