Starting Fresh Senior Year

A snap shot of Jonathan Law High School

Written by Chou Pan

How difficult is it transferring to another school for your senior year?

Who can really depict that difference? Well, as the person who has experienced such change, I can easily state the positive and negatives between the two schools I’ve attended.

I attended Jonathan Law High School, located in Milford, CT, until the end of my junior year. The times I’ve spent at Law for the past three years consist of both good and bad experiences. Law has over a thousand students. Students follow a daily schedule of seven class periods a day with each class lasting forty five minutes. They are required to report to homeroom at 7:30 A.M in the morning. Morning announcements are done through television instead of the intercom. Usually, students will video tape the upcoming morning announcement the day before after school. Due to the massive amount of students in the building, the school has a high demand on security. Every day, I saw a security guard walking down the hallways, looking for students who were skipping classes. There are five security guards in the school, and security cameras are on 24/7. This school is not in a town where it’s isolated and quiet.

In contrast, The Morgan School, located in the town of Clinton, has fewer students than Law. The rotating schedule at Morgan was hard to follow at first, especially when Law’s schedule was a routine for me. But it didn’t take me long to adapt to it. Morgan is a school where students are supportive of one another. There’s trouble in every school but there’s not as much at Morgan compared to what I have witnessed at Jonathan Law. Courses offered here at Morgan are similar to Law, but there are some minor distinctions between the two schools. Courses I can take at Morgan that were not offered at Law are Accounting and Personal Finance. The only business course I know about at Law is Online Communication.  At Morgan, the course work is more demanding. Therefore, Morgan helps students achieve their best and prepares them for a better future.

Although I miss some of my close friends at Law, I feel that I’ve learned more through the different courses offered here at Morgan which made the struggle to adapt worthwhile. Personally, I think Morgan is a better school for students to achieve academic success.