Clinton Teen Running for President!

Written by Wyatt Reu
Videos By Cameron LeClaire

Student elections for our class officers are right around the corner. Running for president or vice president for the freshman class is competitive. More students are running for each position this year. Last year there was no need for elections since everyone ran unopposed.Pensive President

Some kids have already decided who they are going to vote for, but many are undecided. The defining factor for most voters will be the speeches given by the different candidates, which will be given May 5th. Down below, watch each candidate’s “one liner” on what they will accomplish if they are elected.

Ms. Mikulski advised, “When choosing a candidate for the position, ignore popularity and choose someone based on their merit; someone who is responsible.”

Trinity Brown Mrs. Robinson, who is in charge of student government explained, “When voting, look for someone who you know has the ability to follow through and make decisions that benefit the whole school and not just their personal interest.”

Many teachers and students alike feel that it is important to choose candidates based on merit and not popularity.

So keep this in mind and make sure to “get out and vote” on May    !



Here are the videos of the candidates!


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