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Students’ Future With Electric Boat

Opportunities in Trades
Ms. Tranquilli
Morgan students after interview

On February 15, 2024, many senior students had the opportunity for a position at General Dynamics Electric Boat, a shipbuilding company that designs and constructs submarines for the U.S. Navy. Workers and professionals interviewed students. Every participating student from Morgan received a job offer. The deadline for accepting the offer is March 14th, so the students only had a month to accept or decline the offer.

Electric Boat Bandana (Michael Hicks)

Electric boat offers many careers to those willing to work for them, and even provides education for said careers. Some of these jobs include carpentry, pipe fitting, and welding. Students went to the Electric Boat interview at Old Saybrook High School on a bus from Morgan with school counselor Christopher Marinaro and social worker Maureen Tranquilli to get interviewed for a job at Electric Boat, me included.

Students were notified of the trip beforehand, and had the chance to register for an interview for the trade of their choice. Resumes were printed, and students dressed nice for the trip. The interviewing process was nerve-racking, but all participants did fantastic jobs, and we all left with smiles on our faces, and job offers to our names.

These interviews lasted for 10 to up to 20 minutes, and one representative from their selected trade interviewed each person. Morgan students went in partially blind, since it was some students’ first time getting interviewed. They were called in one by one to talk to a professional, and to elaborate on their experience, and qualities about themselves. Interviewees would be called back a second time to be notified if they received their offer, which as mentioned before, all participating students did. This final process only lasted a few minutes.

One student in particular, senior Matt Pellitere, was offered a job as a carpenter. “I thought it was a fun experience, but it took a while. I had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure I asked him all of them. I covered every basis.” After getting notice of receiving the offer, Matt claimed that he “felt great about it. It felt very professional, handshakes and everything. I felt very accomplished and successful after receiving my offer. I wanted to do another one, but we ran out of time.”

Morgan Students before interview (Maureen Tranquilli)

Senior Roman Carradero-Hasting was offered a job as a pipe fitter: “I didn’t feel nervous, and I felt pretty good. It was a bit confusing at first because I found out that I had to be the one to ask the questions. I figured it would have been the other way around.” Not only did many students learn about the interview, but Roman specifically “felt really good, great. It was my first time being interviewed for a job, so it was pretty confusing. as well as receiving the offer right away.”

This opportunity was once in a lifetime for these students, setting them up for success after graduating from high school, and allowing them to explore their interests, turning them into something meaningful to them. All student participants are extremely grateful for the experience and opportunity, and the staff hopes they take full advantage of it. Even if the students choose not to accept, they come out of the whole event with some interview experience, as well as the potential to be hired by Electric Boat in the future.

 I’m grateful for being offered the opportunity to have a future with this company. I’ve always wanted to explore the trades, and I believe that this was the perfect opportunity to do so. The experience was fantastic, and I felt as if I accomplished something great that day. If students accept the offer, they would potentially start training for work with Electric Boat right after high school. A few seniors who I’m aware of accepting the offer are Roman, as well as Jaxen Funaro. I declined the offer, and plan on working with Electric Boat at a later time. Anybody can keep in touch with Electric Boat to be notified of any opportunities that may arise in the future, if they aren’t ready to start just yet, which is what I’ll be doing. Click HERE for more information on careers and keeping in touch.

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