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Proposal: Junior-Senior Combined Prom

Students/Staff Share Their Feelings

During the 2024-2025 school year, the Junior and Senior prom may combine into one. The class advisors of the class of 2025 and the class of 2026 proposed this option. However, not all students support this proposal.

Senior Prom 2023
Senior Prom 2023 (Kim Inglis )

Junior Class President Mason Jakober said, “As President of the Junior Class, it’s my duty to basically carry out the voice of my constituents and classmates. None of them want it. They heard about it and said no. They do not want to sacrifice experiences at pinnacle moments of their high school career.” He also said, “This is their last moment. Celebrating as a class would be ruined by the inclusion of another class.”

Mason believes that the students should have a say about this “merger.” He said, “they are trying to subvert our voice and get around it.” He is currently fighting with his cabinet members to refute their advisors. He believes that his class has raised enough money and has many fundraisers lined up in order to afford their own prom.

Sophomore Class President Andrew Randi said, “I would not want my senior prom to be with another grade.” He believes that they should be putting themselves in each other’s shoes. He does see benefits with the financial aspects. He said that combining funds would allow there to be better food. Andrew said, “I did talk to Mason. He brought it up. He didn’t say he had a set and stone reason. The reasoning was based purely off of not wanting it.” Andrew also said, “He is going to need more concrete evidence.”

Junior Prom 2023

Sophomore Class Vice President Nathan Levy said, “I think it’s better because there will be more people and more money means better food and a better menu. More people means the dancing is more fun.” He also said that lots of juniors and seniors are friends and would end up going to both proms. Because of this, if the prom is combined next year, the pictures and after prom will be better.

Sophomore Camryn Mazzarella said, “no one wants to have combined prom. As a Senior, it sucks.” Sophomore Lexi Kinniburgh said, “the Seniors should have their own prom because that is one of the last times everyone in their grade is going to be together as a whole.” Sophomore Austin Borkowski said that it is two events, so it is double the fun.

Vice Principal Chris Luther said that a combined prom is more fiscally responsible. He believes that it would be a better prom. He said, about 60 percent of kids go to both.” He said that the kids do not stay that long so it’s not worth wasting money on both, and Junior Prom could be better than the Senior Prom anyway if they have more money. If that were to happen, more people might want a combined prom.

Junior Prom 2023 (Leah Scoppa)

Senior Class President Sean Davis said, “Last year we were presented with the opportunity to combine prom by our advisor, but we elected as the officers not to go ahead with it. The main argument was price concerns and also having more people which could lead to a better time, but we felt as we had our junior prom alone then we also want to finish out our senior prom alone with the people we have grown up with.” He also said, “As far as the juniors this year are concerned and are worrying about their prom, I think that the students have a voice, and they should use it. Rely on your officers to communicate that to the administration and the advisors.” He believes, “at the end of the day it should be a student opinion.”

History Teacher and Junior Class Advisor Diana Rizzo said, “this might be controversial – Ms Lynch and I are co advisors of the junior class. Due to lessening enrollment and lack of fundraising. We discussed the possibility of a shared prom with the sophomore class advisors. All together, we felt like it was the best way to go for economic and social reasons.”

This is a very controversial topic, however, all parties will work together to make a final decision on what will work best.

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