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Vending Machine Values

A Closer Look: Removal of the Vending Machines

Why did they take the vending machines away?

Previously, in our Morgan cafeteria there were vending machines available to all. Students were able to get snacks and drinks with their own spending money. It was both a privilege and treat. Some students miss these vending machines and are requesting to have them back in our cafeteria. Let’s take a closer look at why and when they were removed. 

Why were the vending machines removed and where were they taken?

The vending machines were removed around 2020, due to the Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind.  Food Service Director Jon Siciliano said that in order to have vending machines inside a public building including school buildings, they must come through the Department of Aging and Disability Services and not through, for example, the Coca-Cola company. The vending machines located in the cafeteria were not put there through this department, therefore they were unauthorized to be there.

The school was notified about this new contract and advised to remove the vending machines. There are two vending machines located in the teachers’ lounge near the cafeteria that have been authorized to be there by the department. Both machines have a sticker on them that says they have been put there by the department. Another reason they were removed is because there was lots of controversy about the amount of plastic from bottles of water and drinks in the vending machines. Many argued that there is no need for extra plastic in vending machines when we have water bottle filling stations all around the school. Mr. Siciliano also stated that it was difficult to continue filling the machines and keep them stocked while making sure nothing was going to expire.


Picture of Ethan Madura, a Morgan Alumni, standing in front of the previous vending machine that had water and juice. Ethan was a freshman when this photo was taken in 2018, a few years before the vending machine was removed.

How often were the vending machines used? Whom were they used by?

When vending machines were present in the cafeteria, they were used primarily by students because the teachers have their own vending machines in the teachers’ lounge. According to Mr. Siciliano, students used the vending machine daily at lunch and in between passing periods.  But even though they were used daily, they were not used by many, so it was expensive and difficult to manage when they were not being used as often as they could have been. We wondered if this may have been due to the fact that there was only water and juice available in the machines, but many of the students shared that they would be completely satisfied with just juice and water.

What are the money concerns when it comes to the vending machines?

Mr. Siciliano said the vending machines did not generate much profit because the Department of Aging and Disability Services  increased the cut it took from the money made through the machine. He said that he isn’t sure how much money is made off the vending machines in the teachers’ lounge. Mr. Siciliano said it was difficult to keep the machines filled while also making sure nothing was expired in the back.  It was expensive to have shipments of juice and water delivered to the school without knowing if they would be bought and consumed by the time they expired. 

There was a valid reason for removing the vending machines. The vending machines were removed due to environmental, money, and authorization issues. We hope that maybe in the future there is a possibility that we can bring back the vending machine and be able to have the pleasure of juice and water. 

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