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Keep Cafe Open: Brian Card’s Petition


Written by Shelby Alfano |

Everyone who goes to The Morgan School knows that the cafeteria sells breakfast to students in the morning from when Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Stevens gets to school until 3rd period. But breakfast is changing around here.

Students used to be able to purchase breakfast from before school starts to 3rd period, even during classes with their teacher’s permission. But now, students are only able to go between classes.

These new changes cause many problems for the students.

Freshman Brian Card created a petition against keeping the cafeteria doors open when the first bells rings and closing the doors when the second bell sounds.

Brian Card said  he created the petition because, “I wanted to be able to get breakfast without being late to class.” The purpose of this petition is to, “keep the cafeteria open during class.” When asked if the petition was going to do any good for the school, he had said, “It wouldn’t do any harm. That is how it was, and there was nothing wrong with that.” He was also said, “They [the cafeteria workers] probably wouldn’t do anything about it.”

Freshman Jackie Spear signed the petition because, “I hate waiting in the long line in between classes.” She thought that Brian had an “absolutely good reason” to create the petition and that the petition “will be better for our school.” Brian believes that his petition may convince the cafeteria staff to allow students once again to purchase food during classes.  He said, “I think that with enough people we can get anything done.”

Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Stevens explained the reason for the change. “We started doing breakfast differently because one day last week, we were short one person. This caused us to have to change things up a bit with the way that we sold breakfast. I believe that the new way of breakfast will benefit the school because this new way helps us [the cafeteria workers] get our jobs done for lunch waves, and it helps the teachers with having their students pay attention to lessons and making sure that they  focus on their studies.”Mrs. Stevens

Mrs. Steven’s response to the petition was, “Personally, I don’t really care about it, and it doesn’t affect me. I won’t go back to the way it was before. All students have their opinions, but I would like it if students focus on their studies. If we had it the way it was before, then we’d only have one break, and it’d be 15 minutes. I believe it’s more structured this way.”

Mrs. Stevens had some last words for us, “If it wasn’t for the students at Morgan, I wouldn’t be here today. I love what I do, and when you need something from me, I’m happy to do it for you, absolutely. There’s nothing that I can’t do for the kids here. But I have to abide by school rules, which we all have to do occasionally. But I’m here for you.”


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