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The Cafeteria: For Eating or Studying?


Written by Sophia Muce |
Interviews by Alyssa LeMay, Calvin Jackson, and Sophia Muce
Photos by Sophia Muce and Amber Vuilleumier

As most of you already know, all of the study halls this year are in the cafeteria. Since this change affects almost everyone in the school, including staff and students, we decided to ask a few people within the Morgan community one question:

“How do you feel about the new study hall?”


Freshman Grace Roman replied, “It’s great! It’s located near my locker and my classes. Plus, it’s a bigger space so you don’t have to be on top of people. Overall it’s just a better work space.”

Freshman Matt Koizy stated, “Located near the bathroom, the cafeteria is a convenient place to get work done.”

Although the switch to the cafeteria seems to be popular among the students, staff members feel differently.

When we asked a staff member who chose to remain anonymous, the teacher/study hall proctor responded, “It is extremely inconvenient for teachers to have to come here. It’s an enormous waste of time. I don’t think this is a very conducive environment for students to learn and study. Considering that part of our statement, ‘We Are Morgan’ means to honor our time, I believe the new study is only wasting it.”

Although students can sign out and go to different work spaces such as the library or a classroom, teachers are required to remain in the cafeteria.

IMG_8884If students are not in the cafeteria during their study, they have most likely signed out to go to the library. Learning Commons Assistant Patty Dow is not pleased with the change.  She said,  “I don’t like it. I don’t feel like it is a good setting. I’m only fine with it because I know that it’s just for a year. Next year, I believe students will have a choice between five different rooms. I miss all of the kids in the library. Most of them choose to stay in the cafeteria and I don’t understand it.”

There probably will be changes to study hall procedures in the future. In the winter of 2014, another change was made to the study hall system as described in the article,   The New Study Hall: Helping or Hindering?

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