Morgan’s Annual Senior Assassins Game Is Announced

The Competition is Set to Begin in May


Katie Martin, Chief Editor, Writer, Reporter

The annual senior assassins game has been announced and is set to begin sometime in May. 

This game is a senior tradition. The game involves water guns and targets, which you are assigned weekly. You are partnered with one other senior of your choice. 

Senior member James Nguyen is in charge of the game, as he collects the money which can be sent to him through Venmo on Instagram. James decided to take over the role because, “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” He wants people to have a good senior assassin experience. James said, “I am no nonsense, no bribery, and no mercy.” James mentioned that the prize money is currently over five hundred dollars. 

Senior Bridget Orr decided to do assassin’s because she “wants to win the prize money.” Likewise partners Logan Pernal and Eve Gardner mentioned, “It is a fun way to bring our grade together with some friendly competition.” Senior Sophie Morello also commented that it’s a fun way for our grade to bond during the second semester of senior year. 

The rules of the game are as follows: 

  • Everyone must pay $20 to enter the game. You must play in teams of two. No solo assassins allowed. 
  • You can only eliminate someone from the game by spraying your assigned target or your partner spraying your assigned target. 
  • Water guns are the only acceptable weapon. 
  • A “hit” counts as spraying your target with water from your water gun. 
  • Any amount of visible water counts.  
  • A picture of the target must be DMed to the Instagram account for it to count. 
  • If there are any discrepancies both parties and any witnesses should DM the Instagram, and we can resolve the problem. 
  • You cannot go into someone’s house or car uninvited. 
  • Spraying through open windows is allowed. 
  • In order to go on someone’s property you must have permission from a resident or an owner of that property. 
  • You cannot break the law at any point during the game. 
  • No trespassing, speeding, vandalism, or theft. 
  • You cannot eliminate someone while they are working. 
  • However, walking to or from work is a fair game as long as the target is in the parking lot. 
  • You cannot eliminate someone in any kind of public establishment. 
  • This includes restaurants, stores, the gym, etc. 
  • Food coloring or any dyes in the water is not permitted. You will be eliminated. 
  • You cannot harm/risk anybody’s life during the game. 
  • You can protect yourself with an umbrella as a shield. 
  • Weekdays from 7:00-2:30 are periods of immunity. 
  • School buses and bus stops are safe spots. 
  • The school prohibits shooting targets inside the building at any time. Water guns can not be taken out during the school day. 
  • Practices and games are also periods of immunity but only for the players involved and on the field. 
  • After practices and games is fair game (including senior nights)
  • Within 30 minutes of practices, start time, or during warm ups before games, stepping onto the field grants you immunity until the event is over. 
  • Players are officially fair game once they are off the field. 
  • Parking lots are fair game as long as they are not driving. 
  • You cannot switch your partner during the game, so choose wisely. 
  • Players who cheat or break any of the rules will be eliminated immediately. 
  • If a player being targeted sprays their assassin, then the assassin is frozen for 24 hours and cannot eliminate anyone. 
  • You must eliminate your target by the end of each round to stay in the game. Rounds will last for two weeks, but this is subject to change based on the amount of players left in the game. 
  • Snap maps must stay on at all times. 
  • If your partner is eliminated, you can keep playing until you are eliminated. 
  • Senior prom, May 26, is a period of immunity for the whole day
  • However, 12:00 am on May 27 that period of immunity is over and everyone becomes fair game. 
  • If anyone is attending junior prom on May 19th, it is also a period of immunity for the whole day, but only for those attending. 
  • The game is officially over the day of graduation, June 12th. Whoever is left in the game will receive the pot of money. The reward will be given after the graduation rehearsal. 

If you are interested in participating in this tradition, DM the Instagram account (@morganassassins2023) for more information, the name of your partner, and any other questions or concerns you may have.