Honoring Mrs. Metz

Working Behind the Scenes to Promote Morgan Athletics


Nina Fishman and Alana Zirlis

Morgan’s Administrative Assistant of Athletics Casey Metz is an integral part of the Morgan community. With posting and managing the Morgan Athletics Instagram, coaching Eliot Middle School’s girls basketball, and much more, Mrs. Metz has become an essential figure in Morgan. Prior to Morgan, Mrs. Metz worked in the business world for a tech company before deciding to try something new.  She said, “I had worked in the business and technology world for 20 years, and I thought a school would be the perfect place.” Her journey here at Morgan began in 2019 initially holding a position in the main office. She then started working in the athletic department after a position opened. This is her second consecutive year down in the athletic office. 

Most of her work is done on the computer where she monitors registrations for Family ID, scheduling, and the difficult role of managing buses, She said, “I coordinate all the times and speak to the woman at the bus company daily, if not multiple times a day.” This is a critical job especially during times of bus shortages. Her work benefits every single sport team at Morgan. She also organizes those working at sporting games and processes purchase orders for the department. 

Outside of athletics, Mrs. Metz handles building and grounds requests between Lewin G. Joel Elementary School, Jared Eliot Middle School, and of course The Morgan School. This means if any fields, gyms, or classrooms need to be used, the requests go through her. Before Mrs. Metz this was not a responsibility for the Administrative Assistant of Athletics, but she took on the role.

In terms of social media, she explained, “when I’m at games, I try to take as many pictures as I can and post them on Instagram.” She contributes by highlighting and promoting student athletes in their sports, “I want to make sure everyone is represented,” she said. By taking pictures all throughout the games it allows for more students to be featured. The Morgan Athletics Instagram serves as a great way for fans and players to keep up with schedules, awards won by the student athletes, and the scores of the games. Her technology skills continue as she controls the monitors that are broadcasted around the school. Through an application called Reach, Mrs. Metz is able to publicly display the posts from the Morgan PawPrint, sports games, and any upcoming events. She creates the slides on Canva to make them more colorful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Being a part of The Morgan School is an amazing opportunity. Mrs. Metz states, “my favorite thing is the interaction with students.” Everyday kids come in and out of her office to greet her and say hi, and she loves to then be able to see them perform in games. “I love watching the transformations from year to year, JV to Varsity, and their development as players,” she said. Her connection doesn’t stop with the students. She also explained her relationship with the coaches and administrators, “It’s a great group, and they’re always supportive of athletics.” Her bond with the entire community displays her deep involvement within Morgan. “Family” is the word she uses to describe Morgan, whether it’s the support from players, coaches, and administrators, it is very family-oriented. The pep rallies are a prime example of the family feel at Morgan with all the grades and sports coming together. Pep rallies are one of Mrs. Metz’ favorite things to do at Morgan because “they get everyone excited for the upcoming season.” 

In this past year, Mrs. Metz has taken on the coaching of the girls’ basketball team at Jared Eliot Middle School. Mrs. Metz had coaching experience from little league and Park and Rec, but this was her first time as a school-based coach. By becoming the coach, she was able to get to know the eighth graders, who will be upcoming freshman in the fall. “Now I have a group of those seven girls that I coached that are going to be students here. They’ll know me, and I’ll know them,” she said. The experience was very enjoyable as the team had a very successful season. She loved getting to know the girls and is excited to see them play at Morgan next year. 

With all her contributions behind the scenes, Mrs. Metz is crucial in keeping the school operating and maintaining the spirit here at Morgan.