Spirit Squad Hosts a FedEx Day

Students Explore Ways to Add More Spirit Into The Morgan Community


Fed Ex Day

Nina Fishman, Reporter/Writer/Editor

On Friday, February 3rd, Spirit Squad members of all grades were excused from periods E-G and met in the Learning Commons. FedEx day is a common event used at large companies to stimulate innovations among employees. Without the distraction of other work, this day allows creative thought to be fully present. While bouncing ideas off of each other, ideas come to life. A well-known product that came from this day is the post-it note by 3M. With these successes in mind, Morgan decided to use this concept. English teacher and advisor of Spirit Squad Eric Carroll facilitated this process after reading Drive by Daniel H. Pink. This book highlighted motivation and supports autonomy in successes. Mr. Carroll enjoyed this and said, “It applies to the corporate world, but I thought it was applicable here.” He wanted the students to have a voice, rather than the teachers because he believes when it doesn’t come from the top down, students are more willing to get involved. 

 Upon arrival, the students were allowed to eat their lunch while brainstorming some initial ideas. On large pieces of paper, they jotted down some of their favorite moments at Morgan, memorable family traditions, and events at other schools that looked useful. They then went around the room sharing some of their favorite points of their posters. This is when the students split into groups and began focusing on one or two ways to add spirit into Morgan. Building from the shared ideas, each group narrowed their decision to one. The discussions between the groups were very detailed and technical to make sure the concepts would work. Each group had to work around scheduling and whether it would be effective for the school.

Every 30 minutes Mr. Carroll brought everyone together to add an extra layer to the process: challenges that elevated the realness of each proposal. Some of these challenges included creating a supply list, budget, and forming a network of teachers to help promote. One of the most helpful challenges was when members from different groups came and listened to the proposals. After listening, they would ask questions and make suggestions to help improve and refine the ideas.

Some examples of the proposals being made were new and fun pep rallies, an extended Morgan mentor program, advisory March Madness, hanging flags around the school, and an egg hunt among the grades. Each of these ideas was presented to a panel of upperclassmen who decided which one was the best idea. The winner was the egg hunt led by presidents of the club, Sophia Vigorito and Brooke Carlisle. This activity will take place later in the school year during the spring. Eggs are to be hidden in classrooms, and students must find the eggs in accordance with their grade. This is a fun way to unite the grades in a competitive and spirited manner. Even though she wasn’t the official winner, Anadaly Lopez, who proposed hanging flags around the school, is now working with the Social Justice Club to make this act of inclusivity come to life. All the activities shared on that day are still in consideration for the future at Morgan as Mr. Carroll said, “I am excited to see what other ideas come from it going forward.”

FedEx day was a success, sparking some great ways to strengthen the bond of Morgan. Be on the lookout for the new ideas from the Spirit Squad this spring.