Spirit Squad Just Wants To Have Fun

Meet The People Who Fill The School With Spirit


Marin Stopkoski, Reporter

Spirit Squad is a committee of students who strive to sustain school traditions along with creating new ones. As the student government handles rules and regulations of the school, Spirit Squad just wants to have fun. 

A group of 40 students join every Friday at 7: 15 am in the auditorium. Seniors Brooke Carlisle and Sophia Vigorito are the key students who oversee the committee while Mr. Carroll helps advise. Any other students are welcomed to join.

During Friday meetings, Spirit Squad brainstorms ideas to branch out with school traditions. Mr. Carroll explained that in the beginning of each meeting he generates problems then the student leaders along with the other members have full range to find solutions. Students have the option of joining any of the three committees within the spirit squad: the WOW committee, the lunch bunch committee, or the spirit week committee. 

Currently student members are finding ways to add some fun in lunch waves along with decorating the school with spirit. With numerous students commenting on the length of the lunch waves, Spirit squad is finding ways to make it more engaging. This is either through movie days, trivia, or even a DJ. Then some students known as the WOW committee are taking steps to improve the physical look of the school. This is through taking teachers’ rooms and redesigning them to add more school spirit. Recently Spirit Squad redesigned the guidance suite with holiday spirit.  Spirit Squad also handles the traditional school events such as homecoming, spirit weeks and pep rallies. 

Leader Sophia Vigorito took interest in the committee last year and decided to play a big role this year. She shared that “The original goal for spirit squad was to plan homecoming, pep rallies, and spirit week, but after completing those main goals we have expanded it into building connections within our school and community.” Other leader Brooke Carlisle has also been a part of Spirit Squad for some time. She shared that she has “…always thought that Spirit Squad was a way to get a lot of people involved and there’s always something for people to take action on and be a part of.” She continues to hope to set high goals for Spirit Squad and pursue any new ideas no matter how crazy they might sound. 

Spirit Squad encourages more students to be involved in creating new school traditions. Students are an essential part in producing change. School is always going to focus on education, but Spirit Squad hopes to add some fun in the mix.