Morgan Celebrates Human Rights Day

Students, Staff, and Community Members Share Their Stories

Katie Martin, Writer, Reporter


On December 8, 2022, the Morgan School Social Justice Club hosted an event for Human Rights Day. Though it is not a public holiday, it is one important to celebrate. Human Rights Day promotes equality, peace, justice, and the protection of human dignity. The official day falls on December 10th every year. December 10th is the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 in response to the horrors of World War II. 

The Social Justice Club decided to hold an event focusing on our human stories. By sharing experiences, people gain a greater understanding for others and the human experience. All students had the opportunity to share and be a part of the day by filling out a survey. Students who expressed interest in the survey met with the Social Justice Club during advisory to discuss plans and decide the stories they would share. Organizers of the workshop also invited staff members, and community members to share their stories and experiences. 

The celebration started with a welcoming “getting to know each other” gathering, where drinks and food were served while students played icebreaker games. One of the activities was for students to share their favorites on sticky notes. Questions included mountains or beaches, favorite place visited, or favorite type of flower. Around 8:15 am, the student panel began. Students from all different backgrounds shared their stories. Thirteen students shared: Isabella Johnson, Muntara Kaur Singh, Josue Abel Rodriguez, Eli Barden, Noelle F. Main, Mia DiGiandomenico, Aerie Yang, Anika Hayes, Sara Gelven, Vivian Nguyen, Isabelle West, Emely Andino, and Jill DeMaio. Students talked about their personal experiences including struggles with LGBTQ identity, physical and mental challenges, and discriminatory experiences. 

Afterwards the teacher panel began. English teacher, Julie Frydenborg, multilingual learner teacher Alina . Gonzalez, math teachers John Madura and Julien Milcent, guidance counselor Moheba Sayed, culinary teacher Sue Murphy, and Spanish teacher Karla Rivadeinera all shared their personal stories and experiences that led them to becoming who they are today. They also shared their best advice. Community members Lindsey Robinson, Abby Roccapriore, Gurmeet Singh, and Tom Shultz shared their stories. The day ended in commemoration in the Upper Hub where data science, ABBPL, Spanish, French, child development, science, technology, and English students presented different exhibits that shared personal experiences and struggles. 

Senior student panel leader Muntara Singh said, “Human rights day was an opportunity to hear each other’s stories and celebrate our unique experiences. My biggest takeaway was learning the importance of listening to other people.” Another student panelist Abel Rodriguez mentioned that “Understanding our stories helps us clear our false perception and learn the true versions of each other.” Head of the Human Rights Committee in Clinton Tom Shultz was proud of the event, stating in an email, “The panels were really powerful, and I was impressed with the courage of students who shared deeply personal stories.” While this day falls on only one day, it reminds us to always stand up for our own rights and those of others. It is important to take action in our own daily lives and promote the kinship of all human beings. Morgan’s Social Justice Club thanks all the teachers, students, and community members who were involved in the event and looks forward to future celebrations like this one. 

If you are interested in joining the Social Justice Club, come to a meeting. See any club member or English teacher Leslie Chausse for more information.