Human Rights Day

What Human Rights Day is and How it is Celebrated

December 10th is Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day is a day that celebrates that everyone is entitled to human rights no matter their race, color, gender, ethnicity, religion, and more.

This is an international holiday meaning that is celebrated all across the world. This day helps promote equality for everyone no matter who they are.

Universal Declaration of Human RightsThe United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948. This was after  World War II after the world witnessed a huge genocide, the Holocaust.  This day is important because it was created following a horrific event in our history in hopes that such horror would not happen again.

The Social Justice Club is jumping in to help with this important day. The club has been brainstorming ideas. I made posters that highlight what the day represents. Sophomore Daniel Highkin also made a video that teaches what Human Rights Day is about.

Leah's Human Rights Day Poster
Leah Scoppa

Next year the Social Justice Club wants to do something bigger to honor this day. We would like to offer seminars or activities to teach about the day and its importance.

The Human Rights Commission which is run through the town is interested in working with students and the Social Justice Club to develop an event with guest speakers and workshops for a future Human Rights Day.

Some students at Morgan were not even aware a Human Rights Day existed, but they all thought it was important. The members of the Social Justice Club especially expressed the importance and significance of the day.

Freshman and member of the Social Justice Club Josephine Simon claimed, “It is just really important to know human rights in general and to know what others’ human rights are and to respect them.” She also said, “I think it is important because as high schoolers we are young, and it is important to be educated. If you are educated at a younger age, you can be open-minded and learn and spread awareness.”

Junior and member of the Social Justice Club Melina Tawakuli said this day is important “to make other people aware that people don’t have rights others have and need to be equal and are discriminated against.” She said it is important to talk about and celebrate in our high school “to teach other kids because they don’t really know what they are.” She said to prevent students from considering it a joke, we will celebrate and others will learn why we do and the rights of all people.

Sophomore and member of the Social Justice Club Kayla Brinkman said, “Human rights are important and everyone deserves them so it is important to make sure everyone knows them.”` She also said, “it is important to show it in our school, so people understand that they deserve the same rights as each other so people are not mean to each other.”

Sophomore and member of the Social Justice Club Danny Highkin said, “I think it is very important that people know their rights as human beings.” He also claimed, “There are a lot of people that need to understand it more.”

Sophomore Kayleigh West said, “I support human rights.”

Sophomore Mia DiGiandomenico said, “Humans need rights, and they need their rights to be protected. They need to be able to express themselves and be able to do what they want.”

Sophomore Jill DeMaio said, “The government does not reflect the people unless all people are in the government.”

Sophomore Anika Hayes said, “Human rights are really important. And human rights day is a good idea to spread Awareness.”

The day: Friday, December 1oth is approaching so educating yourself and learning about the importance is very valuable. This day helps celebrate and protect the human race and make everyone feel safe.

We must honor Human Rights Day here at Morgan as others will all across the world. Everyone deserves basic human rights and respect.