Morgan Celebrates Our Veterans

Veterans Attend Our Veteran’s Day Assembly

On Friday, November 11th, Morgan held their traditional Veterans Day assembly in the Morgan gymnasium. The assembly lasted 45 minutes, and all Morgan students attended. Most schools are off on Veterans Day, but Morgan along with the other schools in the district have always done things differently. “Some schools are off on Veterans Day; some students might want the day off, but it is so awesome that Morgan celebrates instead. Students get a lot out of the assembly and are able to learn a lot from the veterans that attend. This assembly is really important to Morgan and the veterans,” said Assistant Principal Christopher Luther.

For the event, Morgan invites any veterans in town or from nearby areas along with the VFW to come to enjoy the assembly. The veterans have seats set aside for them and their families.  The assembly is also a social event for the veterans since they are able to share stories with each other. These veterans were invited to the podium to talk to Morgan students, recite stories, and provide advice. Iris Dunham presented the pledge, and Riley Schmidt and Sydney Robinson recited accounts of family members’ military experience. Not only is this a social event, but it is also very musical. Morgan’s chorus and band performed patriotic songs and music, such as the national anthem. After the event with the students, veterans attended a Luncheon in Morgan’s Learning Commons.

Veterans Eat During The Luncheon

Morgan’s Culinary Arts II class prepared the luncheon. This year, students prepared Eastern European mushroom soup. They also made a creamy tomato bisque, a vegan and gluten-free butternut squash bisque, and chicken tortellini soup. The baked goods consisted of banana bread, carrot cake bread, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and some basic cookies. Since this was the first year of doing the luncheon after the pandemic, students under the direction of culinary arts teacher Sue Murphy wanted to celebrate and make the luncheon special.

Morgan holds this yearly assembly to thank veterans for their service.