Patriotic Brownies for Veterans

Culinary Classes Prepare Treats for our Veterans

Samantha Wayne, Writer, Reporter, Photographer

In past years, Veteran’s Day has always been an important holiday within The Morgan School. We’ve celebrated by inviting our local veterans to come and enjoy a wonderful assembly, followed by a luncheon hosted by own our student cooking classes.

On November 11, 2021, The Morgan School hosted its very first Veteran’s Day assembly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, although there were some significant changes to all aspects of the event. The previously crowded and lively luncheon that used to be hosted in the Learning Commons is no longer allowed, so Consumer Science teacher, Ms. Murphy, had to modify her yearly plans into something new.

Ms. Murphy decided to have her cooking classes bake brownies for the veterans this year. “I chose something that would keep well in the packaging and that would have a USA theme to it,” said Ms. Murphy. She continued, “I decided that cupcakes were too messy and difficult to package, and cookies were too plain. We really wanted to do something special for the Veterans this year.”

Ms. Murphy was also the director of the Veteran’s Day luncheon that was previously hosted each year. The luncheon consisted of a variety of soups and bread for the veterans and also gave them a chance to share their own personal stories and experiences with staff, students, and family. Ms. Murphy shared what made the preparation for this year’s Veteran’s Day Luncheon different from past years: “In past years, we hosted a big luncheon in the Learning Commons for Veterans and their spouses and children, and it is very sad that we will not have that interaction with them this year.” Regardless of the change in plans, Ms. Murphy is “glad that we can at least give them something to take home after the assembly.”