The PTA Reflections


Written by Justin Escobales |

One of the many events going on this year is a special town, state, and national event.

Many of you may have heard of the PTA, a volunteer association that helps students succeed.

Every year, the Clinton PTA has a special contest called Reflections. This contest is a cultural arts program that is oriented towards people with artistic talents of any and all sorts. It is run for all grades K-12 and if you succeed, your contribution may go on to be in the statewide and even national Reflections contest. It has six different areas of focus, writing, visual arts, photography, dance and choreography, film, and music. In any of these arts, the participant must display a specific theme. This year, the theme is, “The Magic Of a Moment”.

Anybody who has talents or interests in any of these fields is highly encouraged to create and submit a work. This is a great opportunity to get one’s work recognized.