Morgan Decor



Morgan Artists’ Opinions Revealed!

Written by Alex Kamnitzer

Most people pass by them everyday and they are seemingly unavoidable. Adorned with many art pieces from students, the art cases are just a small way to show the large talents that students of the Morgan School’s artists. These cases feature different pieces from various units of study and allow the art students at Morgan to have something to aspire to. Another small detail are the names of those people whose work is  featured in the cases.  Every so often more names are added or they change. Each case has students’ work  from every grade, and it shows just what inspires the students of the Morgan School .

One of these artists is Alison Brundrett, a senior here at the Morgan School and most known for her well rounded talents in the arts including music. The Paw Print was able to chat with her to see how it feels to have her artwork featured in one of these cases. The piece in the case was an assignment to mimic an artist of her choice,  Joan Miró. For those who don’t know, Joan is known for his realism as well as surrealism. The students were asked to create a piece similar to that of Joan’s but rather than use objects of their choice they had to also include various types of paramecium and amoeba.
In addition to the mimic assignment, there is also another one of Alison’s works that shows a picture of a tiger lily. She enjoys having her work displayed and feels that she “likes being able to see my work next to another one to see how other people interpreted the assignment.” As a statement to all students, Alison would like others to know that she “hopes other students or teachers look in the showcase and appreciate it because it takes quite a bit of time to complete the assignments.” Most assignments take two to three class periods, and if needed, students will stay after school to put those detail in to make it that much better.
By talking with Alison it is easy to see her passion. Feel free to look in the two art cases located near the health room and in the main lobby to see fellow students’ art work.