Cupcake Wars

Written by Ashlyn Chidsey |

The battle is back! On April 15th, Mrs. Nunan’s cooking classes made their fanciful cupcakes, ranging from Zucchini Cupcakes to Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes. Afterwards judges gathered around to analyze the appearance and the taste. All students did an awesome job putting their creativity and cupcake skills to work, but only three teams were rewarded. Culinary Arts teacher Mrs. Nunan said, “It went great. Everyone was telling me how this year had the best cupcakes with the most creativity in all three years we’ve been doing this.” Tied in second was Senior Jake Ward and Junior Mike Murray who made their hamburger cupcakes with Senior Shawn Topping who created his mint cupcakes. This year’s winners for the contest were Seniors Jen Dawson and Connor Roche with their buttermilk pancake cupcakes. Senior Greg Lee who with his partner, Amanda Auger, created the delicious Oreo Raspberry Cheescake Cupcakes said, “It was a good time, but I’m kind of upset I didn’t win.”  Jen and Connor will now go to the next level competing against other schools in regionals on May 15 here at The Morgan School.

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