Let There Be Art

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Written by Justin Escobales |

Out of all the clubs this school has to offer, the one that I noticed has almost nobody in it is the Art Club. I really don’t understand why though. I am in the Art Club myself, and it is a time for all people who like art to come together to discuss, create, and enjoy art. It isn’t restricted to those who take an art class. Also, we don’t criticise and ostracize those who think they are bad at art, because there is no such thing as bad at art; there are only different styles of art. Also, sometime in the near future, there will be a professional artist coming in to teach us about different facets of art.

Another thing that is great about art club is the tangible results of it. Those who create something can even have it showcased. Don’t believe me? The paintings that adorn the left wall of the library are from members of the Art Club.

Art Club takes place on Tuesdays, and I highly encourage anybody who enjoys art even slightly to join.

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