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An Exploration: A New Beginning for Husky Helper Day

Upweller Project

Written by Vivian Tran and Jadan Washington |

Husky Helper Day is making a come back! Last year Husky Helper Day did not occur because of a lack of attendance during 2013-14. This event is an opportunity to give back to the community. This is the first year freshmen and sophomores will participate. Now students will take charge and have an opportunity to work with their advisory group to plan how they can help out with the community. Students can reach out to other organizations such as the Red Cross, and Roses for Autism. They are allowed to use transportation from school buses to trains. Students will be more actively involved and use their creative minds to learn to work together.

welcomeEven though this is a great opportunity to help the community, there is also controversy about Husky Helper Day.  Many people want to be with their friends instead of their advisory group. Mrs. Hagness wants to make certain that students attend.

When The Morgan School learned of the news to reinstate Husky Helper Day, there were different opinions on how the day should be run. When asked her opinion on Husky Helper Day, Mathematics teacher Monica Mikulski said “I think it will be a great day if students take it seriously and are able to choose what they want to do”. While some agree with the students being able to individually choose what they want to do, others supported having the students complete the day with their fellow advisory students.

Sophomores Tori Barron, Hannah Gaudet, and Emily Sordo may not have been able to actually experience a Husky Helper day, but when asked about what they thought about bringing the event back, they had strong views. “I think it’s a really good day” Emily said. Nodding her head in agreement Hannah added “I really like the idea of being able to beautify our town.” Tori stated,“I think it’ll be a fun day, but I don’t want to do it with our advisory.”

Current seniors who were able to experience two Husky Helper days were very excited about the idea of bringing the day back. Lyssa Hurlburt said “It’s great for our community and gives an opportunity to meet other people in our school.” Karli Robertson shared her views on Husky Helper Day and the current organization issue. “The motives of the day are very clear, but organization is not. I think seniors should be able to have specific and bigger and better places just for them.”

There is still uncertainty about the details of Husky Helper Day including when it will be and how it will be organized.

In previous years when students chose sites that they wanted to go to by looking at a list of activities, the office, Business teacher Mr. Ryan Richetelli, or Principal Mrs. Hagness had to sort out the groups. This is  time consuming, and it is difficult to please all students.

Unfortunately some students did not appreciate giving back to the community.  We cannot have Husky Helper Day unless all students are willing to participate.

It’s a time to make Husky Helper Day better this year and have more students participate. Mrs. Hagness is exploring the feedback from teachers and students.  Now is the time to give back to the community!

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