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From Middle School to High School, Mrs. Lupone

From Middle School to High School, Mrs. Lupone
January 15, 2020

Written and Photo by Kristina Bergman | This week health teacher Rachel Lupone started her transition from Jared Eliot Middle School to Morgan. Mrs. Lupone worked at Eliot for 1 1/2 years. Mrs....

Natural Candles and Natural Minds (Co.)

Natural Candles and Natural Minds (Co.)
June 11, 2019

Written by Meghan Denison |Photos by Meghan Denison | This past semester I had the pleasure of helping a friend with her senior project. She came to me with a small idea but one that we accomplished....

An End to the Health Crisis

New Soap Dispenser
May 1, 2019

Written by Max Hurtubise|Photos by Simon Hua| On April 5th, Opinion: Rusting is Disgusting was published on the PawPrint which addressed the rusting soap dispensers at the Morgan School. Students and...

School-Based Health Center Offers Student Support

School-Based Health Center Offers Student Support
January 31, 2019

Written by Sandra Sirisoukh |Photos by Sandra Sirisoukh | The School-Based Health Center is a non-profit service offered to schools in Connecticut. Students can get medical, dental, or behavioral healthcare....

To Mr. Redes…

To Mr. Redes...
May 24, 2017

Written by Autumn Johnson & Emily Sordo | For the past 33 years, Health Teacher Steve Redes has dedicated his time to Morgan students. He taught them numerous life lessons and provided advice. His...

The Great Debate: Health at Morgan

The Great Debate: Health at Morgan
June 15, 2016

Written by Amanda Thompson Photos by Amanda Thompson | There has been a lot of controversy circulating the halls of Morgan reguarding schedule of the new school. One of the hottest topics is the new health...

Extinction Stinks

Extinction Stinks
February 9, 2016

Written by Maggie LaCross| Pollution, global warming, and endangered species are no match for the newest addition to Morgan clubs. The Environmental club here at Morgan is taking strides to create a school...

Fitness, Food, and Fun!

Fitness, Food, and Fun!
October 1, 2015

Written by Abby Jasinski | Slideshow by Riley Thompson If you feel like you are tired of feeling the same and you want to become more fit and eat healthier, continue to read this article to become more...

Physical Education: Used for Socializing or Fitness?

Mr. Gersz
January 16, 2015

Written by Jordan Ledyard | Physical Education is supposed to improve a student's fitness. At The Morgan School, students take four quarters of gym during their four years at The Morgan School.  However,...

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