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The Morgan Band Going With The Flow

The Morgan Band Going With The Flow

November 8, 2019

Written By Kiara Suarez and Tatiana Serrano Photos Taken By Kiara Suarez On October 22, 2019, at 7:30 pm, The Morgan Band performed its first concert of the year. Band Director, Mr. Smith Conducting The Band The Morgan Band performed 8 selections. The audience was not disappointed. Parents and family fille...

Morgan Goes Where Dreams Come True

Stained Glass Castle

May 2, 2019

Written by Simon Hua| The Morgan School Band and Chorus recently went on a field trip to Disney World during spring break. They arrived around 2 AM at Orlando, Florida on Friday, April 12th and stayed until Tuesday, April 16th. The students and chaperones stayed at the Grand Orlando Resort, where the...

Human Services’ Open Mic Night

Human Services' Open Mic Night

January 7, 2019

Written by Leo Woods | Photos & Video by Leo Woods | The last Friday of every month, Clinton's Human Services hosts a Youth Open Mic Night from 6-8pm at the Town Hall Annex Building. The first Open Mic Night was in February of this year, with teens from all along the shoreline performing music and...

How Punk and Politics Go Together

How Punk and Politics Go Together

October 5, 2018

Written by Leo Woods | Featured Image via Revolutionary Socialism In the 21st Century Photos by Leo Woods | On Saturday, September 24th, Morgan's own punk band The Televangelists played in Madison in support of the Green Party. The party was hosted by supporters of Michelle Louise Bicking, a candidate for the State Representative of Connecticut. While she was not in attendance herself,...

The Televangelists Rock Morgan

The Televangelists Rock Morgan

September 14, 2018

Written by Leo Woods| Photos by Leo Woods| On Wednesday 9/12 Morgan's own punk band, The Televangelists performed during X-Block in the auditorium. Many students and staff came to listen to the band, who played 9 songs during the period. Their energy was contagious, and students said they had a good...

The Televangelists: Preaching Punk on the Shoreline

The Televangelists: Preaching Punk on the Shoreline

September 11, 2018

Written by Leo Woods | Reporter Leo Woods | Photos by Leo Woods | The Televangelists, self-described as the "Connecticut punk band you've never heard of" is composed of three incredibly talented Morgan students. Seniors David LaRiviere (vocals, bass), August Pulaski (guitar) and Junior Will DeVries...

Band Goes Out With a Bang

Band Goes Out With a Bang

May 17, 2017

Written by Autumn Johnson | Photos by Kim Inglis | Of the many extra-curricular activities that Morgan has to offer, band is one of the best. The band is full of students, ranging from freshmen to seniors. Their final concert for the school year was held on May 9th at 7:30 pm. Under the direction ...

Future Morgan Performers

Future Morgan Performers

December 18, 2015

Written by Jessica Green Contributed by Gabby Vigorito | On December 10th, at 7:00 pm in the Morgan auditorium, The Pierson School held their annual chorus and band concert.  The band concert was run by Pierson Band Director Ms. Waite and Peirson Chorus Director Mrs. Nedderman.  All students had to...

The Morgan School: Electives and Opinions

The Morgan School: Electives and Opinions

January 11, 2015

Written by Jordan Ledyard | There are a variety of electives for students to chose from at The Morgan School. All students must take and pass one full credit of a technology course, such as, Accounting, Digital Imaging, Computer Graphic Design, Design Engineering, Graphic Design, Intro to Engineering,...

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

January 7, 2015

Written By Ben Jackson | A new year is upon us. What are the New Year's resolutions of the faculty and students of The Morgan School? Many people within our student body will set goals for getting in shape, practicing new skills, and  treating people with more compassion....

This One Time At The Band Concert

Members of the Morgan Band sitting front row. From left to right: Michael Van Ness, Ethan Paradis, Jonathon Chann, Patrick McAllister, and Jonathan Markovics

October 29, 2014

Written by Sam Pansa and Amanda LaRiviere | This years band concert was great. The music was captivating and there was humor from students and Mr. Smith alike. The band put on a good show, and it seems that the time they take practicing is well spent. The members of the band are very talented....

A Day of Remembrance: Memorial Day Parade

May 28, 2014

Written by Erika Renkl | Photos by Erika Renkl | Each year, the town of Clinton holds a parade in memorial of those who have served in the military for our country. The parade is held every Memorial Day at 11 and usually ends around 12:30. It's composed of a march from Post Office Square down to the...

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