The Morgan School: Electives and Opinions


Written by Jordan Ledyard |

There are a variety of electives for students to chose from at The Morgan School. All students must take and pass one full credit of a technology course, such as, Accounting, Digital Imaging, Computer Graphic Design, Design Engineering, Graphic Design, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Communications. To see all of the options for technology credits, view The Morgan Program of Studies

All students must take and pass four years of English. When students become seniors, they choose from several electives to finalize their skills in English; Senior Writing, Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Short Story, Men and Women in Film and Literature, Youth in Literature, Film Study, and Media Literacy. Students can also take Journalism from Freshman to Senior year.

Non- English electives include, Child Development, Foods, Band, and Chorus. There are multiple art electives to chose from.  Intro to Art is a requirement for other art elective courses.IMG_0463

Sophomore Eli Luchuk, who plays the drums for The Morgan Band, said,”Band is cool.” He is taking his second year of band. Burton Caldwell, who plays the trombone for the Morgan Band, also enjoyed his first two years in the band. He plans to continue to play the trombone for the band until he graduates.

Sophomore Shannon Maher took Intro to Communications as a freshman last year,but she did not particularly enjoy her semester experience with that class. She said, “I didn’t like Intro to Communication.” Other students tend to find this course useful because students learn how to use photo shop and the basics of how to work on a computer.

Hannah Gaudet, who is also a sophomore is currently taking Child Development as her first semester course, likes her experiences so far. She said her favorite part of taking the class was, “taking the preschoolers around the school on Halloween to get candy from teachers and Morgan students.” She will be disappointed when the course ends in January.

Marcus McDermott, Jensen Garcia, and Amanda LaRiviere are currently taking their second semester of Journalism with Mrs. Chausse. When asked why he came back to this class after taking it second semester his freshman year, Marcus replied, “I’m interested in the profession, and it is a good opportunity to get familiar with what I will be doing in the future.”

Overall, electives are a great opportunity for students to get involved and experienced in something they may be interested in having a career in as they become an adult. Not only are electives required to graduate from The Morgan School, but students can take them to pursue their interests.