Knee Slapping Sports Pics


Written by Ajeetej S. Rai and Lily Dawson|

Some of the sports images taken to capture athletes at the height of their game are truly funny, and some are embarrassing. What do the players think of these candid shots?  Everyone laughs at them, and now you get a chance to see what the players actually have to say about them. Here are some of our favorites: Capture2

When we asked Katie Costello, her opinion she stated,” I was about to be thrown, and I was just trying to focus hahah”


After telling Ciarra Vanderveen that we were putting this picture into our article and asked for her thoughts on it her initial response was, “oh God hahahahaha why?” She also stated, “I honestly don’t remember how or why that happened. I was either surprised or caught off guard. hahaha Either way I think it’s one of my more graceful pictures.”

These are some of our favorite funny sports pictures.

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