Toys for Tots 2013


Written by Paige Mustaro |

This year is the 21st annual Toys for Tots manufacturing run! Mr. Cole and his creative woodworking class designs and produces approximately three hundred toys for the children throughout the Clinton community for the holiday season. This year, they are manufacturing Clinton Fire Department Ambulances explained Mr. Cole. These toys have many different parts for the class to create and assemble. Each member of the class is working on a different section of the toy. Some are putting the wheels on the body of the vehicle, or they are peeling off the stickers that say “CLINTON EMS.” The stickers were created by Mr. Enoch.

I spoke with one of the students working on the toys for tots run. Dustin Raymond, a senior, told me that this is his first year working on the toys. I asked him what he enjoys most about making the toys, and he told me, ” Working with the Toys for Tots program is a really fun and educational thing to do. If you like working with machines, you should take Mr. Cole’s creative woodworking class!” Dustin also explained, “I’m excited to get all the toys manufactured on time. Mr. Cole and our class have been working really hard to accomplish this goal ,and as of right now, everything will be done and ready for the Christmas holiday!” Last year ran a little behind schedule, but this year they are not letting that happen. Everyone is working diligently and staying on tasks to finish. Owen Zamecnik, a senior here at Morgan participated in the Toys for Tots run two years ago when the USMC helicopters were made. He explains, “It gives students the opportunity to be part of an actual assembly line, while helping someone in need at the same time. More students should really be involved.” During E period class, I’ve been helping Mr. Cole by applying the stickers to the ambulances. It is not a hard task, but it is definitely time consuming so I am glad that I am able to help the class keep on track with the deadline that is quickly approaching.

If you would like to check out what they made last year look at this article and video!