Mr. K is back!


Written by Amanda Garbinski |


Even though we enjoyed the constant hallway commentary from Mr. Nunan, everyone missed Mr. K.  Mr. K has been a mentor and emotional support here at Morgan. When he left less than a month into the 2013 school year, students were shocked.  Even though he was an ISS teacher, he was able to give us a break from all the drama while motivating us to do better.

With Mr. K back, we can all take a deep breath, knowing he is feeling better. I went to Mr. K to catch up and ask about the two months spent away from The Morgan School.  He explained, “It sucked, it really did…I just slept, talked on the phone and watched movies”. He explained how being back feels like he’s “finally back in the sink of things” and he gets to “ACTUALLY do something”.

Make sure you welcome Mr. K back. We’re all happy he recovered well.