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The Weekly Breakdown Oct. 7 – Oct. 13

Everything that’s happened this week from pop culture to politics
Ainsleigh Landino

News bites compiled from reputable sources such as BBC News, The New York Times, CBS News, PBS News, and CNN.

Saturday, October 7:

Today, a surprise attack was launched on Israel by Hamas, one of the Palestinian territories’ two major political parties. The official death toll for this attack has not been released, but the numbers are estimated to be at least 700. This attack has come after decades long tension caused by an event in 1948 called the Nakba, or Catastrophe, in which militia removed and killed tens of thousands of Palestinians. 

A massive earthquake destroys most of Western Afghanistan leaving thousands dead and many more missing. The quake leveled many towns and cities around Herat, the providential capital. 


Sunday, October 8:

Today, Israel officially declared war on Hamas after the unprecedented attack yesterday, October 7. Hundreds are presumed dead and hundreds more are presumed kidnapped back to the Palestinian territory. The United States military moves their vessels closer to Israel, promising their full support in the future. The U.S. already provides Israel with $3.8 billion in military assistance every year.

There have been rallies in defense of both sides of this war all across America. Those in support of the Palestinian resistance claimed they had a right to fight back, while those in support of Israel claim they have done nothing wrong to provoke this attack.  In response, the security at both synagogues and mosques has increased. 

Simone Biles became the most decorated gymnast in history, male or female, at the World Championships in Belgium this weekend where she took home four gold medals, her total now reaching 37 between world championships and the Olympics. 


Monday, October 9:

Today, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, which has long been at odds with Hamas, defended their surprise attack on Israel. In response, the Israeli Prime Minister compared Hamas to the Islamist terrorist group, ISIS, and said Hamas will be defeated the same way. 

People in Western Afghanistan continue to search through the rubble to find survivors from the devastating earthquake on Saturday, October 7. 

Former speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, now claims he will take up the position again if the members of his party will let him. Originally, McCarthy claimed he would not compete for the job again.

Robert F Kennedy Jr. is ending his bid as a Democratic nominee and running for president as an Independent candidate. His siblings denounced his campaign, claiming that he might share their father’s name but not his values. 


Tuesday, October 10:

Airstrikes continue in Israel as the fighting picks up on both sides of the war. While the bomb shelters are spread around there is often not enough time to get to them, leaving many people out in the open as the bombs fall. 

Iran denies being involved with the planning of the Hamas attacks but has praised the operation, leading many to believe the tension between Israel and Iran could escalate. 

In Western Afghanistan, families continue to search through the rubble as others dig mass graves. It is reported that 3,000 homes and 20 villages were flattened in the quake. The quake left thousands injured in a place with only one government run hospital.

In Russia, American Journalist, Evan Gershkovich, will remain jailed on espionage charges at least through November. Gershkovich was arrested in March of 2023 on a reporting trip. His imprisonment has sparked the “Free Gershkovich” movement. 

The Republican candidates for Speaker of the House gave speeches to their conference and answered questions in a forum to prove that they were the best choice for speaker of the house. Former Speaker McCarthy has once again closed the door on his return by asking the members of the party not to vote for him to return. 


Wednesday, October 11:

Western Afghanistan was hit again with a massive earthquake of the same magnitude, 6.3, today. The earthquake claimed at least one person and injured around 120 more. The quake caused a landslide that has blocked the main Herat-Torghondi highway. The aid group Doctors Without Borders said that Herat Regional Hospital has received 117 injured and the group has sent additional medical supplies and was setting up four more medical tents at the facility. 

Fighting continues in Israel and Hamas as Gaza is cut off from power, water, and fuel and food and medical supplies dwindle. 22 Americans confirmed killed in the initial attacks on Saturday.

NASA revealed both carbon and evidence of water on the asteroid Bennu today, two weeks after it was first brought back to Earth. 

A gerrymandering case makes its way to the Supreme Court. The case takes place in South Carolina and claims that Black voters have intentionally been put at a disadvantage.


Thursday, October 12:

40% of Gaza’s population is children under 15 and, right now, Gaza Hospitals are overflowing with injured civilians. Israel refuses to give any aid until their hostages are released.

The House of Representatives is still divided on who to make Speaker of the House, but after Steve Scalise gave a speech today, many have flipped their support from him to his opponent, Jim Jordan. 


Friday, October 13:

Israel launches raids in Gaza to search for hostages and tells more than a million Gaza residents to evacuate in advance of more air strikes and an expected ground invasion. The death toll continues to rise with 3,100 people killed this week on both sides. 

In Australia, today was the final day of campaigning to amend the constitution and create an indigenous board in the government that would advise its decisions. The vote will take place tomorrow, October 14. If this passes it will be the first time the constitution has been amended since 1977.  

The House of Representatives is still at a standstill as Republicans struggle to choose a new speaker, but the support in the house has mostly shifted to Jim Jordan.

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Ainsleigh Landino, Reporter, Writer, Photographer
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