Journalism Field Trip to UNH for Fox 61 Student News

Students visit University of New Haven


Journalism Students Leave UNH

Aurora Smith, Writer, Reporter

On Friday, March 31st, students from Journalism visited University of New Haven for the Fox 61 Student News Boot Camp. Students were given a free buffet style breakfast and lunch.

Students from Morgan and a few other schools were greeted by staff from UNH and met with two reporters from Fox 61. They also met a cameraman who films for Fox, and he shared advice on students submissions for the Fox 61 Student News Contest.

Liliana Luciani who shared a video she made for Fox 61 Student New Contest said “I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the reporters. I enjoyed hearing their helpful feedback on my video. It was such a great experience!” Katie Martin who was also on the field trip shared that she “thought the field trip was influential and educational. I was able to get an inside look at what news men do outside of work and how they evaluate what goes on the news and what doesn’t.”