Homecoming Court Controversy

Written By: Emily Zirkelbach and Paige Mustaro |

Running for homecoming is a stressful time for many students here at Morgan. Last year students were elected that didn’t do all that much to help out with float building. They were getting credit for doing nothing. Students who didn’t get the position of homecoming queen or king were upset.  They though it was all a popularity contest. Mrs. Robinson wanted to take charge and do something about the students’ concerns so she looked into what different schools do about homecoming. That’s why there are new rules that came from outside sources and other schools. Although the new rules hope to make the voting process easier, there are some students who are very upset with the new changes.

One of the major rules that students are most angered about is, in order to run you must be in a school club. Sports do not count. Students feel this rule is a problem and that it’s not fair for those who do sports. Mrs. Robinson believes that the student body here at Morgan is divided between sports, clubs, and students who are un-involved in both. Depending on this year’s results, the rules might change for next year to allow sports only members to participate.

There are many other rules and requirements that confuse the students. The conduct rules consist of having no more than five tardies and/ or three absences during this current school year. Last year’s attendance records do not count for anything. Also, students who want to run cannot have had out of school suspensions during the previous semester. They also cannot have had more than two office referrals resulting in in school suspensions during the previous semester.

Along with the conduct rules there are also eligibility requirements. Nominees must participate in homecoming activities: float building, spirit days, and the powder puff game. For spirit week students have to participate in at least two of the five days, or they can participate in them all. Nominees must attend float building in order to help. They also have to attend the parade and the football game that is being played against Old Saybrook/Westbrook. If students are not playing in the powder puff game, then they have to at least attend the game and watch. Students who want to take part in homecoming court have to have an unweighted GPA of 2.5. They also can not have any course failures or credit loss due to the attendance policy. According to Mrs. Robinson, students who have an attendance issue but wish to run can go and speak with her and discuss it.

Homecoming chart

We interviewed Brian Gendron, a student council representative about the homecoming court criteria that was created this year. He explains, “We decided this year that there needed to be certain criteria for the homecoming court candidates because it seemed to be a popularity contest in recent years. The princes and princesses and king and queen really represent our school, so we wanted to ensure that those people are going to positively reflect our school.”

Students expressed their opinions on the new rules.  Natalie Jones explains, “I babysit after school everyday making it hard to be a part of a club here at school. This is one decision that students here at Morgan had a say in.” Natalie explained to us that she does not want to even vote anymore because of the changes in the rules. Tasha Walker said, “Sports should be a part of it.” Tasha is not the only student who expresses this opinion. “If a foundation of this school is hard working, it is disrespectful for students to not be able to express themselves through these rules” explains enraged Joe Luchuk. Other students explained to us that they have other commitments after school such as a job.

This school as a whole is not completely happy with the new rules, but Mrs. Robinson along with the administration are trying to make Homecoming better. It is hard to adapt to because it is something entirely new.