Musical Minds at the Morgan School


gersz officeBy Owen Zamecnik and Liam Meechan |

Our faculty here at Morgan is often recognized for their academic goals and achievements, but what many people here at Morgan do not know is that some of our faculty members have hidden musical abilities. Quite a few of our teachers and staff here at The Morgan School play a musical instrument; some are involved in groups, and a few of them even find time here and there to get together and jam.

Mr. Gersz, one of our current Morgan P.E teachers, is a die hard rock and roller. This is a well known fact, as he plays his choice of classic albums during each gym period. His office is covered in rock and roll posters, CD’s and yes, an electric organ. Although he is not associated with any bands and claims he “doesn’t really know how to play”, many of us have witnessed him playing his organ in the locker room.  He isn’t half bad! He also says that although he doesn’t regularly play the drums, he can sit down at a kit when given the chance and lay down a decent beat. When we asked him how he came to be involved with music, he told us that as a kid he grew up in a very musically oriented family. His biggest inspiration was the legendary 90’s grunge metal band Guns ‘n’ Roses: “When I was in second grade, that’s all I would listen to all day long!” he said.

Mr.Cole, our current shop teacher here at Morgan, has some musical background that not everyone is familiar with. He has a history in percussion. In the 3rd grade, Mr. Cole got involved in the school band, playing the snare drum. He stuck with it through his years of schooling and continued after as well, taking part in a few marching bands. Although Mr. Cole never spent much time behind an entire drum set, he still messes around with it and still occasionally practices his snare drum. Mr. Cole told us that he, and a few other Morgan faculty members have gotten together to jam on some old rock and blue grass in the band room and once or twice outside of school. These jam sessions also include past Morgan faculty members such as Mr. Picchioni, and  Mr. Izadi who both play the guitar, and Mr. Manzer, a fellow percussionist. Unfortunately they are no longer teachers here at The Morgan School and could not be interviewed. Mr. Cole also told us that even though he only plays percussion, his favorite instruments are the banjo and violin. His favorite types of music include southern rock, country, and acoustic blues.

Mrs. Gallagher is one of our English teachers at Morgan. She got her interest in music from her grandparents. Her grandmother had a radio show in the 1030’s, and her grandfather was an accomplished banjo player, both of which sparked an interest in music early on. Her favorite genres of music are jazz and rock and roll, with her biggest influences Dinah Washington, the Grateful Dead, and her own grandmother. She enjoys the guitar, even though she is an experienced vocalist. She has been involved in groups in the past, most recently a rock, funk, and jazz group.

Mr.Beckett an English teacher here at The Morgan School is another  teacher who plays in a band. He got his musical interest from watching his father and brother playing guitar. His father owns a 1968 Fender jaguar a very nice and rare guitar. His favorite music genre is classic rock and his favorite band is the Grateful Dead. His biggest musical influence, Keith Godchaux of the Grateful Dead, also plays the piano.  He plays a variety of different instruments: the piano, guitar, ukulele, Congo’s, and the organ, but his favorite instrument to play is the acoustic guitar. He currently plays in a Rock/Blues band. There are two guitarists, one pianist, one drummer, and one bassist. They play some of their own tunes and some covers too.

Ms.Frydenborg, another English teacher, is involved in music. She has played the piano since she was eight. She also plays the flute and the cello. She plays the cello in an Indie rock band as well as with an orchestra; her favorite instrument to play is the cello. She said her biggest musical influences as a kid was Led Zeppelin and later Trent Reznor. She doesn’t have a specific favorite music genre. She like a lot of different kinds, but she doesn’t care for rap or country. On occasion she’ll jam with some of the staff members previously mentioned in the article