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    Two different tech classes working together


    Written By Paige Mustaro |

    Knife Demonstrations

    Click here to view the demonstration!

    This year, the video communication class is working with the culinary class to create a video demonstration on how to properly use knives in a kitchen setting. Each member of Mrs. Nunan’s Culinary One class is working in groups of two or three people to create a video on the proper ways to use a knife while cutting vegetables. Each group cuts different vegetables while explaining each step and the cutting motion that should be used.

    Maddi Roman, Tiana Cordero, and Shanon Wehrle, members of Mrs. Corbett’s video communication class, filmed Mrs. Nunan’s culinary students with their demonstrations. Maddi, Shannon, and Tiana took time out of their D period class to go and film different groups in the culinary class. The three filmmakers took multiple takes of footage from each group and are now editing each piece and are putting them together to make one movie for each group. They are also adding music and credits to each film as well. They are taking much of their time to make these videos great because Mrs. Nunan would like to show them to her future classes. They will not only demonstrate how to cut certain vegetables but the proper technique for certain culinary tools..

    I asked Shannon Wehrle how many shots on average they took and why so many. She explained, “On average we took around fifteen to twenty shots for each group. We took many shots due to mistakes, lighting errors, misplaced angles, and depending if people were prepared or not.” Her favorite part about filming these demonstrations was being able to watch fellow schoolmates, but she did not like it when groups were unprepared or when they goofed off. Tiana, another filmmaker, said, “I really enjoyed being able to actually film everyone doing the demonstrations.” Maddi explained to me, “It was just fun. I liked getting to work with the different groups because they were funny, had a good time with it, and worked well with us. They did not  give us a hard time. They just wanted to get it done and over with.” It seems as if these three truly enjoyed having this opportunity to film fellow schoolmates.

    Everyone in the culinary class had to work in groups of two or three to create a knife tutorial that will be used in future food classes held here at Morgan. In these videos, the groups had to prepare lines to say while showing how to properly cut a vegetable. They had to start from the very beginning. They had to show how to wash the vegetable and then properly cut it.

    I interviewed Kate Eveland who worked with one other members of her class to make a video demonstration on how to cut a potato. I asked her how they prepared, and she explained to me that they practiced often prior to taking footage, and they watched a professional knife tutorial before they began filming as well. Kate wrote up a dialog that was followed. She said “I liked getting to do this because it is going to be used for future food classes.” I also interviewed Brianna Norman about her experience. She told me that her group did many practices and cut a few onions beforehand. She stated “I liked that we learned to cut it with the least amount of juice possible so less tears, but I did not like how many takes it took.”

    Overall, everyone who got to take part during the demonstration had a great time. There were many takes taken and a lot of time spent but in the end it went very well and everyone is looking forward to see how the final products come out.

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      algarbinskiNov 17, 2013 at 10:49 am

      After going to the PTA meeting and listening to Mr. Cole and his aims to help integrate the tech courses, this article truly proves Morgan’s collaboration.

    • T

      themorganpawprintNov 16, 2013 at 5:30 pm

      The video provides great instruction.