What It Takes To Be A College Athlete

A Look Into Student Athletes’ Expectations For The Collegiate Level

Lola Damiano, Writer/Reporter

Senior Emily Smith

As senior year is rapidly coming to an end, many high school athletes are approaching the transition to continue their sport at the collegiate level. College sports differ from high school sports in many ways. College athletes must adapt to these changes in order to be successful during their time at college. A few Morgan students have officially signed to continue their passion for their sport. One of these student athletes, Emily Smith, talked about what she is expecting. Emily recently signed to Western New England University. Emily has played soccer since she was four years old, as well as being part of the Morgan Girls Soccer team her entire high school career.  When asked what she believed about the difference of playing soccer at the high school and college level, Emily said, ¨The physical conditioning, the time put in, and the competition.” Athletes know that balancing their social, academic, and athletic life could become more difficult. Emily said, ¨I will balance all of these by using my down time wisely. I will balance my social life through my sport and making friends that way.¨

Senior Sebastian Kadlof

Senior soccer player Sebastian Kadlof will be continuing his academics as well as his soccer career at Eastern Connecticut State University. Sebi explained, ¨I think it’s going to be way more competitive, and way more physical. In the high school level there are a couple of good players on every team, but at the college level there are a lot more good players. So there are not going to be any bad players. The competition is going to be greater.¨ Athletes understand that the competition will be far greater while continuing their passion for soccer at the collegiate level. Balancing his academic, athletic, and social life will be no challenge for Sebi. ¨I know soccer in the fall is going to be basically all my time, but with soccer comes social life because they´ll be all my friends. So, for the first couple of months I will be hanging out with all of them.¨ Sebi has also played on the Morgan Boys Soccer team his entire high school career. Both Western New England and Eastern take sports and academics seriously. Sebi explained, ¨Since it’s a D3 school they value academics over athletics, but we are student athletes not athlete students.¨ 

Other students who are continuing their athletic and academic careers in college are Brooke Carlisle, Drew University Lacrosse and Field Hockey; Rachel Hromadka, Nichols College, Cheerleading; Sarah Williams, Framingham State University, Softball; Sydney Robison, University of St.Joseph´s, Softball.