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    Danny Khalifa: Local Syrian Rap Artist

    Written by Kelsey Novak |

    Danny Khalifa lived in Syria for 6 years. “I loved it a lot, and I grew up fast and was so responsible for my age. It was always planned for me to come here, so when all the chaos started to happen, it was a good excuse.”

    Danny Khalifa 3

    Syria is dealing with constant conflict. The government used chemical weapons such as poisonous gases on its own people. According to CNN, “The Syrian National Coalition suggests that the ban of chemical weapons should be taken a step further by banning the use of air power and ballistic weapons against populated centers.”

    A student of The Morgan School, Danny Khalifa, uses music to help convey his experience and feelings. “Ooh Syria” is written to inform his peers as well as  adults about the situation in Syria.   He wants to help people comprehend the problem that surrounding countries are dealing with.

    Danny Khalifa 4

    Danny explained what was happening in Syria, “It started in early 2011. It got worse, and there’s total chaos.” Laws that were once enforced are now being broken, and the country is falling to pieces. “There are refugees everywhere, and nothing is safe anymore. Whatever happens, happens because there is no government.” The government is going through a complete crisis since no one cares enough to own up to the damage being done.  Syrian citizens are desperate for their lifestyles to change.

    The situation directly affects people worldwide, including Danny. He admitted that he felt, “sad because I had to leave. I lost a lot of people. I’m mad at what’s going on because they’re all greedy because everyone wants the top.” There is not much to be done from a small town in Connecticut, but Danny’s efforts to express his feelings and inform others have made a great impact.

    Danny Khalifa 6

    The meaning and overall purpose of his newest song, “Ooh Syria” is to represent that “I am neither with or against the president because both sides are out for blood. It explains how we were before and how we are now.” It demonstrates growth and information for all others that are curious about the situation. “Even though I didn’t have everything I needed back there, I was still happy.”

    Danny has been writing and publishing music since 2009 and was just recently recogonized by NBC in a local interview.

    Danny Khalifa 5

    Syria is still undecided on whether to have a peace conference next month. There are hopes that the Syrian government will come to a consensus about returning back to normal soon.

    Official Video for “Ooh Syria”

    Danny Khalifa 2

    Danny’s YouTube Channel

    Music Website

    Danny’s Facebook Page

    Danny was recently interviewed by Peg Mansfield on Up 2 Something:  “Making a Ruckus”

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    • J

      JonathanNov 3, 2013 at 7:18 pm

      Danny is such an inspirational kid! The Morgan School is full of talented individuals. Danny needs to perform and tell of the situation Syria is in to Morgan. Congratulations Danny on your success. Keep doing what you love!