Look Out, the Seniors Have MAJOR News: Business


Business is in the top ten for most common major. With this major there are many different careers within it since it is a broad major. Students pursuing a business major learn fundamental business knowledge in accounting, international business, finance, marketing, project management, economics and more. Four Morgan Students share their reasonings on why they have chosen this major

Senior Max Skidmore has been considering majoring in business. Max chose business because he likes the idea of building relationships with people. He also chose business because pitching ideas or a business model interests him. He would like to become a financial advisor, so he can help people manage their money. He believes this is an important job because “it is easy to spend money carelessly without thinking, and people need help investing and growing their wealth and end goal.” He wants to overall help people manage their finances and learn how to save and possibly gain more money. To become a financial advisor he has to first earn a bachelor’s degree, complete an internship, find a job, get certified, and then pursue additional education if needed. Max just committed to Connecticut College for business. He chose this college because it has a good economics program and is near the water. He also is continuing his career in soccer while attending this school. Since it is a smaller college, Max feels that the smaller ratio between teacher and students will allow him to get needs extra help if he needs it, and in class it will be easier to ask questions.

Although Junior Ethan Reemsnyder is a junior, he is interested in majoring in business as well. He is considering this major because it is a passion of his and that he could excel at it. . Ethan would like to become an entrepreneur after college. An entrepreneur is someone who organizes and operates a business taking on big financial risks to run the business. Basic steps Ethan will take to become an entrepreneur are to find an industry or niche, research the market, educate himself, and build his business slowly. Ethan has had experience in selling a product, and he feels he is good at it, so this profession would suit him well. He plans to attend UConn because of their programs and campus living. We wish Ethan the best of luck finishing high school and applying for UConn next year.

Senior Bianca Arias is also planing to pursue business as a major. Bianca enjoys the combination of interaction with people and doing work as a team. She also likes having the opportunity of having her own space where she can do the tasks that her job may entail.

Business for her has the opportunity to open many careers. “So you can’t go wrong with a business degree,” Bianca stated. She is uncertain about what exact job she wants, but she prefers something in the realm of data analytics. Bianca likes being in charge of risk analysis or private equity, which is a big interest for her. She would enjoy a position where she could sit and calculate for a day then spend time presenting and discussing her findings with a panel, so she doesn’t have to just sit at a desk all day. Bianca used the search engine “Niche” to help filter which schools would be best for her. After generating her results, she sorted it out by the best business programs. Her favorites as of right now are Babson and Bentley College, which are both business schools outside of Boston. She also got into Sacred Heart, Quinnipiac, and Keene state for business. She would rather be near Boston because of the ease of getting a good internship which means a good job placement. All she can do right now is continue to work hard and be involved so that one day everything pays off, and can receive a good internship that could eventually become her career.

Senior Olivia Riccio is interested in being involved with environmental or marine companies. To be involved in these kinds of companies Olivia will need a business major.She hopes she in hopes that she can one day start her own company. She does not have a certain job in mind, but her goal is to travel a lot. She also has not committed to a college, but her top choices are The

University of Tampa and Suffolk University in Boston because they both have highly ranked business programs. Also since both colleges are located right in the city or next to it, she would have more of an opportunity for internship and connection. Since she plans on studying international business, she will need to be more diverse in the languages she speaks. She also plans on minoring in oceanography or marine biology, so she will have some background and experience in the environmental field.

Business teacher Ryan Richetelli is the Business teacher at Morgan. Mr. Richitelli majored in business at Eastern Connecticut Sate University. Mr. Richitelli advice for those planing to major in business is to make sure you have a plan. With this kind of

major, it has a very broad field with a lot of options. and you don’t want to get wanna get lost in it. Make sure that you know what career you want after college because you need to get experience right away. As Mr. Richitelli stated, “Books will only take you so far”.


If business does not interest you, there are other majors to explore. Keep an eye out for the next issue of “Look out, the Seniors Have MAJOR News” to learn about other majors.