Four Seniors Decide on Next Big Step

Ryan Hromadka, Julia Silver, Chris Morris, and Vanessa Horan

It is getting to be that time when the seniors at Morgan start to make their choices regarding where they will be going after high school. Four Morgan seniors who have already committed to their colleges explained their choices.

Ryan Hromadka committed to Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ryan will play Division 3 baseball and study criminology. Ryan chose Chatham University for a variety of reasons. He chose Chatham for its expectations and standards as well as its criminology program, but a huge portion of his choice was because he was offered a position on the baseball team. Since Morgan is a smaller school, Ryan thought that going to a large university would be quite overwhelming so the size of Chatham with roughly 2,500 students appealed to him. Overall, Ryan is extremely excited to be going to his top school.

Julia Silver has officially committed to Florida Atlantic University for her next 4 years. Julia will be going in undecided but will be potentially major in psychology or marine science. Florida Atlantic was Julia’s top school because it had the perfect number of people, not too many but not too few, just average. Julia wanted to be close to family wherever she ended up and the campus was beautiful. Julia knew since the beginning of her college process that she wanted to go to Florida, and Florida Atlantic University is the perfect fit for her.

Chris Morris will be attending Western New England University for his 4 years. Chris’ biggest reason for joining Western New England University is football but also its engineering program. Chris has a huge passion for football and wouldn’t want to spend the next 4 years without it. Chris will be majoring in environmental engineering.  He wanted a school that would feel like he was home, and that is the exact feeling he had when he visited Western New England University. Chris is excited to be playing football and getting educated at his top school.

Vanessa Horan has committed to New York University which is located in New York, New York. Vanessa will be majoring in drama/acting. She always knew she wanted to act in college. New York University also has great alumni, and it’s in the city which is a huge plus to Vanessa. Ever since she was little, Vanessa knew about NYU, and it was always a school that she dreamed of attending. The size of the school never mattered to her. NYU was just her top school no matter what. Vannesa thought this was her reach school, so she is especially excited to be attending New York University and pursuing her acting passion.

Choosing a school is a stressful and challenging decision, but these students already know where they are headed after graduation in June.