Elizabeth Criscuolo- New Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics teacher Elizabeth Criscuolo began working in the Morgan School this November.
Before coming to teach at Morgan, she taught at East Haven High School. Mrs. Criscuolo described the students at East Haven High School as very similar to the students here, so that was not a major change when getting this job. Mrs. Criscuolo explained that she finds Morgan more “laid back” and “relaxed”. She likes the atmosphere.
Mrs. Criscuolo attended Southern Connecticut State University, but she did not study to be a teacher. After deciding that her past career did not suit her, she

Clara Franzoni

went back to school to be a science teacher. Science did not work either for Mrs. Criscuolo, but she found that teaching math was the most suitable for her as a person. She has been teaching math ever since.

The Morgan School takes pride in being a family and welcoming anyone new to the school system. Mrs. Criscuolo explained how nice Morgan is and how welcomed she felt into the environment. She said that the students and staff were all very nice and helpful which she loves.
Getting into a new job for anyone would be a difficult task, but due to the pandemic, it can be even more challenging. . Mrs. Criscuolo explained that the hardest adjustment for her was not only getting to know students through these hard times, but also beginning weeks after the students started. She came into the school later due to just getting the position so going from a school that was fully in-person learning to the new hybrid schedule here was an adjustment that she is now getting used to.
Mrs. Criscuolo is a very eager and welcoming teacher. She is a good addition to the Morgan staff.