Welcome Our New Social Studies Teacher, Max Ames


Ryan Inglis

Max Ames, new social studies teacher

Ryan Inglis, Reporter

The Morgan School welcomes a new social studies teacher, former Morgan Husky, Max Ames. Mr. Ames graduated from Morgan in the year 2011. Many teachers that Mr. Ames had as a Morgan student are still teaching here at Morgan including social studies teacher Diana Rizzo, English Teacher Leslie Chausse, and mathematics teacher John Madura. 

Ms. Rizzo said  having a former student become a teacher in the same department “is very gratifying and exciting, knowing that I was one of his inspirations.” She said, “I

Mr. Ames at his new desk in D24. (Ryan Inglis)

love helping him and answering his questions and being sort of a mentor to him.” 

Mr. Ames is quite new to teaching a traditional classroom. He had to adapt to the large classroom sizes. He previously taught at Fusion Academy in Fairfield, CT, a private school, as a history and an English teacher. He said, “The major difference with the school I am coming from was it was all one on one. I am used to teaching in a classroom with one student. We are all coming at this from different angles. Some people are seeing these classes at Morgan as small, but for me, it is almost the opposite.” 

Mr. Ames attended UConn for two years and then finished his schooling at Southern Connecticut. He teaches US History and World History for 9th and 10th graders and is looking forward to teaching at The Morgan School. He also mentioned that once COVID-19 is gone and we go back to our normal lives he would love to visit another country. He tries to leave the country at least once every year. Check out the article on new chemistry teacher, Mrs. Patterson.