Election Reaction


Sozon Albanis

Election lines at the Clinton Town Hall

Election lines at the Clinton Town Hall (Sozon Albanis)

Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter Protests, a toilet paper crisis, wildfires across the west coast, and a Super Bowl to remember for the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, 2020 just couldn’t get any crazier until the 2020 presidential election.

Prior to the election, all across social media many news networks and celebrities encouraged Americans to vote. Sport associations like the MLB, NBA, and NFL all promoted the right to vote more than ever before. This took in part in record numbers of people who voted. President Trump received the most votes ever by a sitting president, around 71 million. Former Vice President Joe Biden received the most votes ever by any presidential candidate, roughly 74 million

As you all know, 18 years old is the legal age to vote in the United States, and some seniors at Morgan are 18. In Clinton, the difference of votes between Democratic Party (Biden and Harris) and Republican Party (Trump and Pence) was only by one thousand votes. According to Sharon Uricchio, CCTC Clinton Town Clerk, Democrat Joe Biden received 4,358 votes and Republican Donald Trump received 3,300 votes.

On Saturday, November 7, the Associated Press announced that Joe Biden won the presidential election. Although President Trump is still challenging the election results, he and his lawyers have had little success in the courts.

Following the election, the Trump campaign filed lawsuits in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona. However, according to ABC News, four judges from four different states rejected the campaign’s effort because there is not sufficient evidence to support their claims. According to AP News, International observers from the Organization of American States said they saw no occurrences of voter fraud or irregularities.

Joe Biden’s and Donald Trump’s policies are different from each other because Donald Trump says that COVID-19 will go away and promises quick vaccines. Joe Biden, on the other hand, says that it will be a dark winter this year. Today, cases in Connecticut are increasing, and Clinton is in the Red Zone. The candidates also have different views on other issues such as the economy, the environment, and Black Lives Matter.

Voter line to vote (Sozon Albanis)

Beginning the day after the election, the PawPrint staff asked students about the election. Students responded in person and through social media. Below is the information gathered.

Freshman Greg Prevost: It might be very close against Michigan and Wisconsin. I wished that I could’ve voted this year.

Sophomore Dhruvi Patel: It’s going to be chaotic if Trump or Biden wins. America will change within the next 4 years. I watched the results last night.

Freshman Eileen Whittle: I’m scared if Trump wins and I have been engaged with the elections. It will affect me and my friends. If I was old enough, I would definitely vote. America will change drastically


Senior Sam Reed: I am surprised that the election is close

Senior Emma Lindsay: I am surprised that the difference between votes for Trump and Biden was only by 1000 votes in Clinton

Senior Ray Bajwa: This election affects me as a Muslim-Amiercan

Polls were taken on the Morgan PawPrint Instagram Page. See the results below.

“Which candidate would you have voted for/ did vote for?”
Biden – 76% Trump – 24%

Were you surprised about the election?
Yes – 51% No – 49%

Which president best supports/would best support the USA?
Biden – 73% Trump – 27%

Who did you expect to win?
Biden – 55% Trump – 45%