Shoreline Pallet Design


Aurora Smith, Writer, Reporter, Photographer

Written by: Aurora Smith|
Photos by: Abby Roccapriore|

Abby Roccapriore, the owner of Shoreline Pallet Design is a mom of 3(I happen to be one of her children) in Clinton. She is a Paraprofessional at Joel School working in the Jumpstart program. Abby started Shoreline Pallet Design in the Spring of 2016. 4 years ago, her best friend who used to live in Maryland started using a Silhouette to make wooden signs. Her friend contacted her telling her she should make them and start a business teaching others how to make them. Her friend came out to Connecticut and taught Abby how to use the machines to make stencils.

Abby makes signs for customers and throws parties to teach others how to make their own custom wooden signs. Abby says ¨A customer will approach me and they will want to nail down a time for a party.¨ Abby and the customer will coordinate a time and place of the event. Following that the customers will send out an invitation to their friends. There is a minimum of 10 guests and there is no maximum. All guests will need to pre choose their stencil ideas and they will need to prepay. Each sign at a party is averaged between $40-55 dollars. Abby has to prepare the night before and gather all the materials needed to make the signs. Then Abby shows up to the party and sets up before her guests arrive. The materials needed includes a stencil, wood, paint, paintbrushes, stain, table cloths, and tables (if needed). Throughout the party, Abby guides her guests on how to make their own signs in the right steps. Afterward, Abby cleans up everything. One of the things Abby always tells her guests is this isn’t Home Goods, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

When Abby started, she was the only business in Connecticut. Now, there has been a few more companies making the same kind of signs. Abby believes her most success was possibly being the only business in Connecticut to start 4 years ago. Another one of Abby’s successes is her college signs she makes (see above picture on the right).

If you’d like to contact Abby you can find her on Facebook or Instagram at Shoreline Pallet Design. Abby also offers her email~ [email protected] She is also planning on making a website to push out her business to gain more customers.