A Whole New Cast


Written by Maria Avila |
Photos taken by Maria Avila |

For many years The Morgan School has presented a musical in the spring. The last three years have been Hello Dolly, She Loves Me , and Addams Family .This year’s musical will be The Little Mermaid. The show is about a mermaid named Ariel who dreams about the world above the sea and trying to find true love. Its a mixture of romance but also some comedy.

This year’s cast is filled with lots of talented folks who have been acting since their freshman year. This show requires weeks of hard work and dedication to make it appealing to the audience. Rehearsals started in December, and they go from 3-5:30pm. This just proves how hard they are working to give you the best show and making it worth the $18. The show dates will be March 20th and 21st at 7pm and Sunday the 22nd at 2:30pm for the Manatee

Now let’s take a look at the some of the cast and staff helping

Frankie , Emma , Sara
Stage Manager
Shannon Robinson

Ariel – Senior Kiara Suarez

Prince Eric – Junior Aiden Maurais

King Triton – Sophomore Ryan Baker

Ursula – Senior Jenna Kareliusson

Flotsam and Jetsam – Sophomore Liam Whittel and Senior Carlo Arnoldi

Chef Louis – Junior Sam Reed

Sebastian – Junior Dylan Ayr

Flounder – Freshman Brayden Eisler

Scuttle – Senior Rachel Schmardel

Grimsby – Senior Leo Woods

Mersisters –

  • Aquata – Junior Francesa Tino
  • Adrina – Junior Emma Lindsay
  • Arista – Junior Sara Gaetano
  • Atina – Senior Maria Avila
  • Adella – Senior Katelyn Sordo
  • Allana – Junior Katie Robinson