Totally Happened at the Morgan School

Written by Katt Wilkinson |

Pictures by Katt Wilkinson |

MorganStock! It totally happened, Monday June 3rd at 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Your favorite local Morgan students and alumni rocked the socks off the audience in the Morgan Auditorium. There was a mix of musical performances of different genres from rapping, singing,  stand up comedy, to people using musical instruments in individual acts and bands. Danny Kalifa, the guy who was in charge, said, “I’m excited to give everyone a chance to shine to all those who have a talent and don’t have a chance ever to show it.” This community event gave the community  a chance to see the performers show off what they got. The performers were Lenny Paul with acoustic, Danny Kalifa with rapping, Eric Peterson with guitar, Joe Luchuck with rapping, Paig Pelligrino with singing and guitar, and Lucas Edwards singing as well as playing accoustic guitar.  It was a night of surprise and suspense; there were people that took to the stage who blew me away with their talent.

Lenny Paul paig and lucaspaig