The Year Comes To An End: Senior Prom

Written by Kayla Maloney & Mikhela Hull |

The pouring rain and cold didn’t stop the seniors from having a great time. Even though many of us had to change our plans, we still all seemed to have an amazing time. The night was filled with great music, delicious food, and a wonderful venue.
The DJ tried to accommodate all of our request, but even with his choices the dance floor was filled with students. “The majority of my time was spent on the dance floor.” said Mikhela Hull.
Students seemed to enjoy the food, I noticed multiple students get up for seconds. The appetizers were great, especially the chicken nuggets and curly fries. Dinner was chicken parm, pasta, potatoes, and vegetables, and later on we were surprised with an ice cream bar for dessert.
When first entering into the venue, I, Kayla Maloney, noticed that despite the fact the dance floor seemed rather small that it is was beautiful inside. The centerpieces on the table was a small vase filled with sand and shells, which gave a nice touch to the night considering it was pouring out.
Having so many people from our class attend prom, it was a great way to enjoy each others company before the year comes to an end. We all had a great night with our friends. Graduation is approaching and  we have many events to say our goodbye’s: seniors are getting ready for brownstone, senior skip day, awards assembly, and graduation!