Cold Blooded Night


Written by John Inglis|
Pictures by John Inglis|

On Tuesday, June 4th, the AP Biology students and biology teacher Christopher Luther held the annual Cold Blooded Creatures event. Every year after the AP exam, Mr. Luther and his students prepare activities and a show about reptiles, cold-blooded creatures. This year’s show was amazing.

Cold blooded creatures had a great turn out. When the kids and parents arrived in the lobby outside the auditorium, they had many options to choose from before the big event. Kids could get their faces painted, color cold-blooded creature masks, or get their picture taken with one of Mr. Luther’s infamous snakes.

The children were eager to participate in the cold-blooded activities. Not only did the kids learn about a dozen creatures they have probably never heard of, but they also got to participate in activities like lip sync battles and dancing to music on stage. Every time a new activity would begin, the children would jump to their feet, raising their hands, wanting to get chosen to come to the stage.

The kids’ favorite part of the show, by far, was when the AP Bio students took the animals out of their enclosures and moved through the audience giving the kids a close look at the creatures. Sometimes the children got to give the little creatures a touch.

Here is a list of the Cold-Blooded Creatures that Mr. Luther brought to the show.

  • Sulcata Tortoise
  • Indian Star Tortoise
  • Ball Pythons
  • Crested Gecko
  • Gargoyle Gecko
  • Leachianus Gecko
  • Sand Boa
  • Chahoua Gecko
  • Blue Tounge Skink
  • HogNose Snake

Special thanks goes out to Mr. Luther and his dedicated AP bio students for making this Cold-Blooded Creatures event happen. Seniors Bailey Hornyak and Erin Lindsay enjoyed hosting this event. Erin said, “I had so much fun working with Mr. Luther.” Bailey said, “We were preparing far in advance ever since we completed the AP test. It definitely paid off because everything ran smoothly, and everyone knew exactly what they were doing”

Next year Cold Blooded Creatures should be back, maybe with even more animals than before.