A Shoreline Theater Group: Kidz Konnection


Written by Jenna Boylan and Shea Haslam|
Photos by Jenna Boylan
Information via Kidz Konnection Website

Kidz Konnection is a youth-based non-profit theater organization located in Clinton, Connecticut. Kidz Konnection was founded by Laura Attanasio in 2006. The organization brings a wide range of people from all over Connecticut. It attracts audiences that sell out the Andrews Memorial Town Hall Stage.

Laura Attanasio provides many acting programs such as improvisation, musical theater, dance, multimedia, scriptwriting, acting, and production. Kidz Konnection also takes part in many community activities like Shakespeare at the Old Brick, and a historical walk at the Clinton town cemetery in October with the Clinton Historical Society.

Kidz Konnection theater group has won the 2nd Best Community Theater of the New Haven Readers Poll for the past three years. Although in 2017, they were labeled number one for Best Community Theater. Kidz Konnection is open to kids of all ages. They do many productions that allow kids of young ages to play lead roles. Kidz Konnection community theater is a fun and cheerful place for kids to express their abilities to act.

The latest production done by Kidz Konnection was Newsies, a musical based on the newsboy strikes in 1899 New York. The outstanding performances filled the town hall with life. The production is an inspiring and humor-filled drama that was vastly intriguing to watch. The actors were able to get the audience laughing and mesmerized by their ability to bring this production to life.