GotSneakers? Recycling for a Cause


Written by Sandra Sirisoukh |
Photos by Ingrid Rodriguez |

The Environmental Club here at Morgan is participating in a fundraiser hosted by GotSneakers? which will benefit both the school and the organization. Schools around the district are also participating in the drive. Got Sneakers recycles used and new sneakers to help raise money and provide footwear for people in need of shoes. The shoes collected will be recycled, preventing them from being wasted.

The money raised from each donated shoe will be used to purchase recycling bins, making the school more environmentally-friendly. Seniors Kitty Shortt, Erin Lindsay, and Chelsea Piccirilloall a part of the Environmental Clubchose to work with this organization because it’s very beneficial to the environment and people in poverty. Kitty states that “The shoe drive is a great way to encourage students to recycle the shoes they do not wear while raising money.”

The drive ended last week, February 22nd and about 100 pairs of shoes were collected.