First Ever Video Game Tournament


Written by Lily Cummings


On May 4th, 2018, the video game club hosted its first video game tournament. It was opened up to the school and they received 11 participants. In the tournament, the students played against each other as well as a few teachers who participated. The students particularly enjoyed teacher involvement because nobody ever plays video games with their teacher. For the video game club members, this was a dream come true.

The staff and students played the game Injustice 2 which is a fighting video game whose storyline centers around Batman and his insurgency’s attempt to restore society after the fall of Superman’s regime. The creator of the tournament, Senior Darby Oboyski, said that “people enjoy playing video games because it is almost like a second life. Games like Skyrim, Fallout, they are open world RPG games. They give you the ability to play however you want, make your character act; however, they want and so many different NPCs that change the whole story altogether. A lot of people including myself enjoy those types of games. Most games nowadays are all about online and lots of people like that too. Being able to play with friends and make new ones is one of the best things about these types of games.” 

Darby is also the creator of the video game club, and because he is a senior, he hopes the club continues because he believes there is a more broad variety of video games that people can play. “Our club is about playing those video games and having fun playing them. Everyone is welcome at our club and we don’t want anyone excluded.” The winner of the tournament was Aidan Solivan, second place was Darby Oboyski, and third place was Antonio Aleman. 

First place winner Aidan Solivan